WorkFlowy for Teams

Random team vibe photo courtesty of Kevin Dooley

Photo courtesy of Kevin Dooley

A lot of people use WorkFlowy to collaborate on teams. Sometimes these teams want to bulk purchase WorkFlowy Pro accounts for all their team members, in order to collaborate privately, use it without a quota and all the other wonderful things that you get with WorkFlowy Pro. Today, we’re announcing WorkFlowy for Teams, which makes it a lot easier to make these bulk purchases, and represents the first step toward improving WorkFlowy’s collaborative functions.

Benefits of a team account include

  1. All the benefits of WorkFlowy Pro
  2. Easy team administration
  3. 20% off the regular cost of WorkFlowy Pro

If you work at a company and are interested in upgrading but have questions, you can email with any questions.

Learn more at

Feature Improvement: Drag the Bullet to Move in WorkFlowy

I always get annoyed when I drag things around in WorkFlowy. You have to drag these little arrows that show up at the right of the page, it’s hard to get the right item, and it feels finicky. Judging from the consistent stream of emails we’ve gotten, other users have the same issue. Well, we’ve improved the situation.

Now, you just drag the bullet point directly to move an item. Try it, it’s a lot easier.

We’ve also made moving better in other ways. The page should scroll much more smoothly, making it easier to drag an item way up or down in a long list, and overall we’ve made it speedier too.

Our next goal is to make it easier to move things inside other items by dragging, but we couldn’t get it into this release.

WorkFlowy Speedup: 4x Faster Loading

Image courtesy of Nathan E Photography

Image courtesy of Nathan E Photography

On Monday, a user with approximately 200K items in his WorkFlowy account emailed us a complaint. He said the load time for his account was killing him. We looked into seeing if we could speed things up, and found some major improvements. WorkFlowy now loads around 4 times more quickly . If you’re on a good internet connection and have a large account, you should now have a zippier experience.

WorkFlowy Tip: Dates For Easy Filtering

This is a guest post from Henry Livestroo. If you want to write a guest blog post, just email with your idea.

Screenshot 2014-04-23 14.45.53

Frequently people complain about the lack of reminders within Workflowy. I use an easy workaround to deal with this in Workflowy. The idea is to use tags to create an milestone with a reminder date. I use the #d- tag to set the reminder and to differentiate from normal tags.

For example. If I need to make an report on the 24th of April I create a task Month Report Operations #d-2404. I put this task in my backlog folder.

Every day I Just click on the #d- tag and I see the all the actions with dates. Alternatively I search for #d-2404 to get the reminders only of the specific day

Comment from the WorkFlowy Team: For more readable dates, you can do something like #d-2014-04-22.

How to Import Tasks from Asana


Lee Branch, founder of Intently Digital, recently emailed us a simple tip for importing tasks from Asana, and suggested we post it, as he’d been struggling to figure it out. So, here’s what Lee suggested:

Basically you select a project, then highlight all tasks in that project.
The do CMD +C (new to macs, basically the copy keyboard shortcut – CTRL+C on a PC)
This pops up an overlay of all the tasks which you can highlight/copy/paste as plain text :-)

Hopefully someone finds this useful!

Update: Lee made a video demonstrating how it works.