#tags and @tags in WorkFlowy

You can now add #tags and @tags to your WorkFlowy document. This makes organizing things much easier, especially when your WorkFlowy document starts to get large. Type “#” before any word, like “#loveit” and then when you click on that tag, it will display only items containing that tag. Click the tag again, and it’ll remove the search.

Want some suggestions on how to use tags? Here you go:

  • When will you do stuff? Use #now for stuff you want to do today, and #soon for stuff you want to do in the next week or so.
  • Who’s doing what? Use @Name tags to keep track of who’s doing what.
  • What’s the priority? Use #important for things that will make a big difference and #urgent for stuff that’s time sensitive.
  • How long will this take? Use #small, #medium and #large to keep track of the size of the things you’re working on.

16 thoughts on “#tags and @tags in WorkFlowy

  1. Extend the range of tags, to show location & type of work e.g. #atHome #atInternet #atShop #atGarden #atHol #atPC #atPhone

    & #doBuy #doWrite #doRead #doChange #doChase #doDelegate #doDesign #doDo #doEscalate #doFind #doGet #doMake #doRemove #doResearch #doSchedule #doShare #doTalk

    1. Just a tiny point to your examples. All the “at so-and-so place” tags, like #atPhone and #atGarden would seem better suited to use the “@” alternative, e.g., @Phone and @Garden (assuming you’re like me and pronounce the “@” sign as “at”).

  2. read the article. useful. could not hear the comments from the speaker, may be something wrong with the browser.

  3. I was using a “!” for priority items. I tried changing them to “#!” to see how this feature would change things, but discovered that the characters following the “#” couldn’t be “!”. Then I realized that all this feature is doing is using the preexisting Search function. I don’t mind just typing “!” in Search, so I’m going back to that.

  4. On my Windows PC when I’m entering an item and type # or @ a list of all the related tags shows up so I can pick one. This helps me keep misspelled tags to a minimum. But that same thing doesn’t work on my phone in the android version. Is that just a limitation of android or is there a way to make that work on my phone too?

  5. A standardized syntax might be as simple as:
    @Any Person’s Name
    #Tag for anything else. Thought. Place. Whatever
    ! or #! For an immediate action required type priority

    Any thoughts?

  6. Google Calender integration would be superb here. For example #dueTomorrow or #due05-04-2015, could automatically create a gCal event. Adding #remindme or other attributes could add an email reminder while #important might change the color to red. Is this project Open Source? I would be happy to help implement this feature. I just began using WorkFlowy today; I have to say, I’m quite endeared. Simple+elegant, bravo.

    1. YES!!! Ical integration too
      for those of us who refuse to be indoctrinated by the Big G;
      not sure Big A is much better…
      just a personal preference 😉

  7. Would be great if tags could be renamed (like find and replace) instead of having to change each one individually

    1. You have to remove them from the whole document, unfortunately. If you’ve tried this, make sure you have completed items visible.

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