Editing on Android, Mobile UI update, Search & Speedup

We’ve released a bunch of improvements to workflowy.

Android Editing
You can now edit on Android. It works for most people, but please let us know in the comments or at help@workflowy.com if you have any issues.

Mobile Interace Overhaul
The controls and editing on mobile got an overhaul. To edit, you tap twice on an item. To complete, add a note, indent or dedent and item, you do the following: 1) tap once, the controls slide down from the top of the screen, 2) choose your action.

You can now search in WorkFlowy. This is a basic implementation and we hope to have a more robust solution that includes better support for tags and filters, but this gets you a lot of the way there.

Speed up
WorkFlowy now loads way more quickly and is just as fast with a huge document with thousands of items as it is with a small document with only a few.

New features: Editing on iPhone & iPad. Syncing across windows & devices.

We pushed out a release last week with a couple of new features.

iPhone/iPad editing
You can now edit on iPhone and iPad. We’re working hard to get it fast enough to work nicely on Android, but it isn’t there yet. This is an alpha release and it is still not a perfect experience (clickable bits are currently too small, for example), but we wanted to get it out to you because people have already been waiting a long time. Please email help@workflowy.com with feedback. Once we have everything working nicely with offline editing, we’ll package it as a native app.

Syncing between tabs and devices
If you have WorkFlowy open in two tabs, or on your phone and on your laptop, changes you make in one will be reflected on the other. This is our first step toward collaboration, and we’re using it to collaborate on WorkFlowy internally. Pretty nice stuff 🙂

Other stuff
There are also a number of additional small improvements (like the ability to put tabs in notes) that you can enjoy discovering as you use WorkFlowy 🙂

Share and Collaborate On Your WorkFlowy Lists

We’re pleased to announce that WorkFlowy now supports sharing and collaboration over any sublist.

This means that you can take anything in your WorkFlowy account and share it as its own separate document or collaborate with others on it. Each shared sublist gets its own URL for you to distribute. Anyone can view or edit (as you choose) without needing to create a WorkFlowy account.

How it Works

What’s cool about WorkFlowy sharing? First, you can turn any portion of your notes or todos into its own document with its own URL. The conversion from “private notes” to “web page” takes only a couple clicks. Even better, any updates you make within your own WorkFlowy account to the shared sublist will be reflected in near-real-time to viewers of the shared document. It’s real-time publishing, with all the power of WorkFlowy.

Imagine I take notes for a class within my WorkFlowy account. At any time, I can share notes for past classes with classmates. I can also share my notes for a class with others as I take them. They’ll see my updates as I enter them.

How to do it

The entire process – private list to shareable link – takes just two clicks: first, click the “Share” option in the hover controls, then click to confirm your share settings.

The coolest part? Everything is fluid. My whole WorkFlowy functions like one (flexible, powerful) piece of paper. I can share parts of the document while maintaining the feel and flexibility of a single page.

Live Collaboration

Collaboration adds another wrinkle. If I enable other people to edit a sublist, they’ll be able collaborate with me on that part of my WorkFlowy account. They’ll see my updates, and I’ll see their updates pop up within the context of my full account.

We’re using WorkFlowy to organize itself. (How meta!) Our collaborative WorkFlowy subtree has a bug tracker (which uses our new tagging feature – more on that coming), feature lists, customer development conversations, and much more.

Give WorkFlowy sharing and collaboration a spin. We’d love to hear your feedback.

Update: You can now embed shared WorkFlowy documents inside your main WorkFlowy document. Here’s the blog post explaining how.

What we’re working on: Collaboration & Mobile.

Just wanted to post an update to let people know what we’re working on. Our focus is on mobile and collaboration, both big projects. We’re making good progress on them, though.

Collaboration: People will be able to share any section of their WorkFlowy with other people and get updates from one another as they work. This will enable a team to share the same WorkFlowy document for a project.

Mobile: We’re getting pretty close to fully functional mobile apps for WorkFlowy for iOS and Android. It’s a non-trivial task due to idiosyncrasies of the different platforms, but we’re making great progress.

Windows users rejoice! Less crappy keyboard shortcuts.

If you’re on Windows, WorkFlowy no longer hijacks control+arrows that you normally use for jumping between words in text, but which WorkFlowy made zoom. The new zoom keyboard shortcut is alt+arrows and the new move shortcut is alt+shift+arrows. For Mac and Linux users, this doesn’t change anything.

One Million WorkFlowy Lists!

On Friday, December 3rd, a WorkFlowy user created our one millionth list. We launched on November 4th, so reaching one million lists took us 30 days. That’s an average of 33,333.33333333 lists & items created per day.

This is a fun milestone for us to have passed, so we celebrated by slaughtering several goats. They were plush stuffed-animal goats, but still.

Disclaimer: In WorkFlowy items and lists are the same thing. In plain speak, you might say we passed one million lists & items. Though that sounds less cool, so we’re sticking with lists 🙂