Embed Shared WorkFlowy Lists in Your Own Account

We have a big announcement: It’s now possible to embed WorkFlowy lists others have shared with you in your own account!

Many of you have requested this feature, and it’s been a long time coming. Getting it to work was tricky and required rewriting a large fraction of our codebase. We’re proud to be releasing the first version today.

Now more about the feature. First, if you’ve never shared a list in WorkFlowy, you should read our blog post on sharing and collaboration.

Prior to this change, the only way to view a list shared by another WorkFlowy user was to view it using the URL that’s generated when they share it. The URL approach is great for sharing quickly, but it can be annoying if you need to keep returning to the same shared list over and over.

The new list embedding feature makes collaboration seamless. If you view the URL for a shared list while logged in, you’ll see a button in the lower right corner of the screen:

Click this button, and the list will instantly be added to your own account. It’s added to the Home level of your account, but you can move it wherever you like.

Lists that you’ve embedded in your account will show up with a special blue aura. Below you can see our collaborative WorkFlowy list (this is where all the magic happens).

You can access their details or remove them by using the special controls that show up when hovering over their bullet.

Lists you’ve embedded in your account will update in near real-time when your collaborators change them, just as they do now for shared URLs. If the owner has enabled editing, you’ll be able to make your own changes to them.

What’s so great about embedding shared lists in your account? First, it means that everything you’re working on is in one place – go to workflowy.com and it’s all there. It’s also all instantly searchable from the same search box. Second, if you have email summaries enabled (look for the checkbox in the Settings dialog), you’ll receive daily updates with all the changes in your account, which includes all your embedded lists. This means you’ll be notified when your collaborators make changes.

Give this feature a spin. We’d love to hear your thoughts.