The Ugly Puppy

Katie and Lottie. Image provided by Peter, not for reuse.

Katie, in the picture above, wrote a story, “The Ugly Puppy,” with a little help from her father, Peter. It was inspired by their dog Lottie, also in the picture. They outlined it in WorkFlowy. We thought it was pretty cute. Here it is …
The Ugly Puppy
  • Characters
    • The Ugly Puppy
      • A stray poodle called Kate
      • Looks: Not looked-after, muddy, pink or rainbow
      • Feelings: Sad, glum
      • Behaviour: Kind (even though others are mean to her)
      • Likes: Secret spies, her friends, people that help her
      • Dislikes: When people are mean to her or her friends, The Vulture Gang
    • People that steal her – The Vulture Gang (Baddies)
      • Vulture (All his gang call him Leader)
        • When he wants to call his gang, he doesn’t call them by name; he says “Crew. Come.” and they come
      • Rhinoceros
      • Ostrich
      • Tiger (twins with the other tiger)
    • People that help her
      • Cats
      • Flamingo
      • Secret spies
      • Tiger (twins with the other tiger)
  • Storyline
    • Based on The Ugly Duckling – a rags to riches tale
    • An all-animal story except for the secret spies. The animals can talk.
    • In the country of Lakeless
    • Beginning
      • Kate wanders around
      • The Vulture gang see her and they think that as nobody plays with her, they can eat her for dinner (but they can’t).
      • They take her a dark cabin into the deepest, darkest place in the woods.
      • They clean her up as soon as they get to the cabin, because they don’t want to eat mud.
    • Middle
      • Tiger twins meet up again and again and both decide to help the puppy gang.
    • End
      • Kate gets away
      • Last sentence
        • She found her home and she lived happily ever after.

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