Moving on WorkFlowy Mobile

Yep, the rumors are true. You’ve been waiting for this longer than the next Game of Thrones book. The day is finally here: you can move stuff on WorkFlowy mobile.

I know, I know. You are probably crying with joy. You’re having trouble reading this through the tears. Puddles are welling up on your keyboard. You feel a surge of joy and universal love that makes you want to throw your hands toward the sky and scream, “WORLD, I LOVE YOU!!!”.

Well, enough of that. Get it together. You’re embarrassing everybody. Here’s how it works:

  1. Tap and hold an item.
  2. It will pop out
  3. Drag it up and down.
That’s it, enjoy.

P.S. Android users must use the Chrome browser if you want to move things in WorkFlowy. The regular Android browser is too crappy to make stuff like this work. In fact, if you want to be happier, more satisfied and better looking, we recommend you start using Chrome on Android as your default browser for everything.

We Put These Flyers Up

WorkFlowy Thinks You Are Cute

This flyer was put up all around University of Arizona a few weeks ago, by Joe, a WorkFlowy user who is a sophomore there.

Joe had emailed us and said, “How about I put up some flyers for you on my campus?” We liked his enthusiasm, so we made up the flyer and he put it up all over the place. The flyer lead to some new users, which was great, but overall it was just a fun experience for us.

I also did an interview with Joe, because I like doing interviews and thought he sounded like an interesting guy. Parts of it are pretty entertaining, I think. I have him tell a bunch of random stories about his life, and also explain why he wanted to put flyers up for WorkFlowy.

How to Make Reusable Checklists in WorkFlowy

WorkFlowy makes it easy to create a checklist for a repetitive process. Here’s how: 

  1. Create a list to use as a template
  2. Duplicate the list
  3. That’s it. There’s no step three.

Here’s a 30 second video demonstrating how simple it is:

At WorkFlowy, we use this internally all the time. Every time we do a major release, we do a manual run-through of the app, to make sure all the major features are working as expected. We manage this process with a simple, checklist. We have a template, and we create a new copy for every major release. In that copy we record the status and issues particular to that release. Here’s the template we use. All the duplicates are under the list “Testing Notes”.

Our testing template