We Put These Flyers Up

WorkFlowy Thinks You Are Cute

This flyer was put up all around University of Arizona a few weeks ago, by Joe, a WorkFlowy user who is a sophomore there.

Joe had emailed us and said, “How about I put up some flyers for you on my campus?” We liked his enthusiasm, so we made up the flyer and he put it up all over the place. The flyer lead to some new users, which was great, but overall it was just a fun experience for us.

I also did an interview with Joe, because I like doing interviews and thought he sounded like an interesting guy. Parts of it are pretty entertaining, I think. I have him tell a bunch of random stories about his life, and also explain why he wanted to put flyers up for WorkFlowy.

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  1. I have been getting this message since I updated to IOS8: BAD: PushandPullServer called when one is active

    What is this?

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