We’ve Temporarily Pulled WorkFlowy from the iOS App Store

Update: WorkFlowy is back in the App Store. Huzzah!!!

The WorkFlowy iPhone and iPad app is not currently available in the iOS app store. We have a new version of the app awaiting approval, and it’ll be back in the store as soon as it is approved.

The reason we pulled the app is this: on Sunday night, we accidentally released a new version of the WorkFlowy iOS app. We hadn’t intended to release that version, because we had found a bug in it. Apple unfortunately has no way of undoing a release, so we had to choose between a buggy app in the app store, and no app in the app store. Not an easy choice, but we chose to remove the app.

We have a fixed app awaiting approval from Apple, and hopefully it will be approved quickly. We were sadly rejected when we asked for expedited review. However, they’ve been really quick about reviewing our app releases lately, so hopefully it will be back in the app store in a matter of days.

Sorry for the inconvenience.