WorkFlowy Goes Offline

Oh, happy day! WorkFlowy now works offline on iOS. Here’s the link to the app store, so you can try it out. Other platforms are coming soon. For desktop, it will be a WorkFlowy Pro feature only.

With the new offline functionality, you’ll be able to access your account even when you have no internet connection. Any changes you make while offline will be remembered and synced when you come back online.

This has been in the works for a long time, and took a lot of work. We hope you enjoy it!

19 thoughts on “WorkFlowy Goes Offline

    1. It does function as an android app if you open it in Chrome, hit menu, and select “Add to Homescreen”. For most websites, this is just a shortcut button, but since this is a web app, it opens as it’s own application.

    1. We don’t, but we’ve just started working on it, or rather, we will as soon as the Android phone we ordered arrives 🙂 Could be quick, could be long.

  1. Quite some time ago Workflowy was supposedly being enhanced to work offline on a desktop. Now, after waiting quite a while, it’s here but only works with Chrome installed. I’m disappointed. It’s quite frustrating that a useful tool such as Workflowy requires the addition of a “superfluous” program (Chrome). I am not enamored with and do not trust Chrome. I use Windows and IE. I would gladly pay for Workflowy that works within that context.

  2. Will you release an edition for Windows Phone?
    I find it won’t work on Windows Phone 8 with IE 10 .

  3. Great! I see your product yesterday and I like it!
    if it can be sync between Android and Pc
    I will love it^_^
    Thank you for your creation

  4. Will WorkFlowy become available as an offline Windows app/pgm? This will be useful for organizations in which the cloud is off limits i.e. the offline content is not allowed to be synced with an online storage.

  5. Today, I used Workflowy offline for the first. time. When I went back online, my new entries didn’t sync. The bottom of the workflowy screen says “Offline. Last synced: 18 hours ago”. I quit and restarted Workflowy, but it still didn’t sync up. I have a Pro account in case that makes any difference. Any suggestions?

      1. The problem was on my end. I had a proxy setting in my Chrome browser, and I wasn’t on the network with the proxy server at the time. I understand the Workflowy dependencies on Chrome, but didn’t realize that network settings in the browser affected Workflowy as well.

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