You want an invoice? We’ll give you an invoice.

In another amazing feat of technological genius, WorkFlowy now provides invoices for WorkFlowy Pro users. If you’re a paying user, you can visit (you must be logged in) and you’ll see a printable list of invoices for all the charges we’ve ever made to your card.

We know, we know. Millions of people have been waiting for this. World leaders have been less effective without it. You’re welcome. No need flood our inboxes with fan mail. 

WorkFlowy for Teaching Music

Paul Wood is a violin teacher who uses WorkFlowy in his day job. He has now started experimenting with WorkFlowy to keep track of lessons and feedback for his students, and he’s blogged about it.

This post is part of a series focusing on how different types of people use WorkFlowy. Do you have an interesting use for WorkFlowy? Blog about it, let us know, and we’ll share it.