222 thoughts on “What Missing Feature Do You Want Most In WorkFlowy?

  1. Would love to see an OSX app so I can work offline on my Macbook. Right now I use the Chrome app, but a dedicated app for OSX would be great.

  2. Would love to see the option hide/show hierarchy, much like hide/show completed. This would allow us to search and filter for just the found nodes, not their parents.

    1. Brilliant idea! Sometimes the amount of hierarchy can really clutter up the results (which can work against the basic idea of filtering for simplicity/focus.)

      Other times it’s great, so a toggle option would be perfect.

    2. +1 vote for the ability to search/filter for only the nodes that are appropriately tagged (and children of appropriately tagged nodes). Toggle capability is a fine idea.

  3. I don’t know if my idea isn’t agains the philosophy Workflowy, but It could help if I can insert some time makros which itself transform into text. Specially some with only date, some with date a exactly time, or current time.
    It works like that I typing ($ct?) (or anything else) and that marks itself immediately transform into normal text with current time.
    Date could be makro ($dt?) which invoke little calendar where user select day which will be transform into some date time format like text.
    And similarly with date time with exactly time…

    Sorry for my english 🙂

  4. To be able to create bookmarks or anchor text in the same easy and seamless way as the current tags with autocompletion. It would be nice to be able to easily reference any heading or line in another part of the document.

  5. I would like to be able to drag and drop an item into a list without having to open the list. Like moving a file into a folder on a computer – drag it over the folder and ‘drop.’

  6. One thing I’d love to add – OneDrive backup as a premium option. I live in onedrive, only have the dropbox account for my workflowy backup. Would be awesome to be able to have it all in one place!

  7. I wish I could copy-and paste links from certain folders in my Google Drive into WordFlowy. Basically I would allow sharing of that folder with a WorkFlowy link. I could open photographs, scanned documents, original correspondence, copies of bills, genealogy records and photos, etc. Such an ability would be a great promo for Drive also. How about it linking to Dropbox or other cloud storage?

  8. I would really love Workflowy to support lazy loading for those with really epic amounts of content (like 5MB worth of text). I think this feature would open up some powerful new use cases for Workflowy, like an epic scale collaborative project to build a database of useful resources by category, or the organisation of literally a lifetime’s worth of notes, including 100 thousand word scale projects like books, theses, scientific research or technology inventions.
    To make it easier to improve this feature incrementally, I think it should be an opt in setting initially.
    A rough draft of how the logic might work:
    * filter nodes out of the initial get_initialization_data response that are more than, say, 4 levels deeper than any open node and contain more than 1000 descendant nodes or have more than 25 children and more than 1000 descendant nodes. These numbers are just made up on the spot as examples.
    * mark omitted nodes as ‘lazy-load’
    * incrementally send lazy-load data to the client in the background push_and_poll requests, keeping the batches small enough that loading them won’t slow down the UI
    * when a user opens nodes such that a lazy-load node no longer satisfies the conditions for being lazy load, load it immediately.

  9. I have recently been trialling http://www.moo.do/ which has one thing above Workflowy which is its mapping of simple plain text date labels to an date/time based Agenda or To Do list. I would love to see this in Workflowy (which I prefer from a UI and experience POV)

  10. I would like to be able to drag & drop on my iPad and iPhone, not just the desktop.

  11. Recently I’ve been falling in love with Sublime Text, with regex find and replace, and with Cmd+click multiple cursors for bulk editing. Would love to see these features in WorkFlowy!

  12. Can we get automatic date and time stamps for each entry and note and completion we make? It can be optionally viewable and off by default, but would love to know when I created and/or completed something. Thanks.

  13. It’s wonderful that Workflowy built in a Duplicate feature, what about the ability to MOVE? Or instead, replace Duplicate with “Copy To” and add a “Move To” feature. This shouldn’t be too hard to implement and should take care of all copy/paste/move needs for lists and sublists. Thanks.

  14. More options for backup would be a big help. I’m a pro subscriber so I have the Dropbox option but being able to feed that into something else such as Google Drive or OneDrive would useful.

  15. The ability to ‘lock’ a bullet. That is, a user designates a bullet as ‘final’ or ‘read-only’ or whatever term (which designation can be undone, so it works the same as selecting the ‘completed’ option does now), and workflowy then prevents further changes to that bullet (and probably to its descendants as well). I suppose it should also display (somewhere) the time frame for which the lock has been in effect. This prevents inadvertent (and possibly unknown) edits to lists that are meant to be finalized. In such a list, you expect the content there to be exactly the same as it was however many years ago when work on that list was conclusively finished. But if it’s also a list that gets read/zoomed/searched/etc a lot, you might wonder if all that ostensibly passive action would eventually sneak in an errant edit (or god forbid a deletion). Short of a lock function, you’d have to go through the change logs in the backups to be sure.

    (If you really wanna go crazy, for any bullet that has been locked at least once, allow the user to enter a new view that shows the changes to that bullet through time (the difference between successive locked states (i.e. all the edits that occurred while a bullet was unlocked) constitute a single change.) The user could select two (or more?) different versions of the bullet/list, and the view would differentiate changed vs unchanged content (a la wikipedia’s edit history, if you like). Then the notion of a ‘final’ list in my original request above is generalizable to versioned lists.)

  16. I’d like a search operator to search from the home page, just to save key presses and time.
    As very often I am deep in some node, and I need to do a search – not just in that node, but everywhere.

    I know of course I can hold down alt-leftarrow a while to go home, or ctrl-; to go to the home page (when marked as favourite), but both require me to look at the screen and think – and actually I would just like to start typing my seach quiry. I know, it’s just one click with the mouse on Home to get there, but I prefer to use my keyboard only throughout the day.

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