222 thoughts on “What Missing Feature Do You Want Most In WorkFlowy?

      1. Yes to me the thing most holding me back in WF is inability to link dot points to other dot points so as to jump quickly to and from specific places. I think we need a bit more than just renaming existing links though. I would love to see a neat process to create and use links – perhaps modelled along the lines of the one used in Circus Ponies Notebook: when you are in one dot point, you can click ‘create link’, navigate to the dot point you want to link to (and it doesnt matter if you visit others on the way), then when you get to the right place click ‘complete link’; the system makes a link in each dot point leading to the other, and you can rename each link as you please. That way you can jump out of one, go to the other, and then come back to where you were.
        This works perfectly for me but I would be fascinated to see what improvements the very clever WF team can come up with.
        Great work guys – loving it so far and it seems it is only going to get better! And thanks for asking for our views.

  1. Other: Better organisation of notes.

    I used WF as a linear mindmap, so (visual) links between nodes would be really useful.

    Tagging lets you group stuff, but viewing all tagged nodes loses context – it takes you away from your place in the overall structure

    With a few hundred notes comprising of thousands of nodes, navigating the structure (and remembering where I filed something) is tricky. I’d like to be able to put top-level and sub-level nodes in a sidebar like in OneNote, for a visual grouping. Having said that, I think in practice this would overcomplicate the UI and not be useful 😉

    1. Yeah, unfortunately we don’t control the poll software. I assumed it would be shown, but it isn’t. I’ll look and see if it is exposed to us anywhere.

  2. It would be great having due dates as it would allow me to have my notes and tasks in one place. But Workflowy is such a great service already – please don’t change too much!

  3. As someone who works in countries with little/difficult access to the internet, an android offline app would make Workflowy my #1 personal management app.

  4. This is by far, the worst commenting system I have ever seen, guys.

    It took me a lot of time, and trials, and javascript crashes and hangs up to comment here.
    If you want to use that blog to foster feedback, you may want to have a look at the comment system.

  5. I voted for “Dates & Reminders” but high on my “Other” list is “Bulk Find… Replace” ; )

    Thanks for all the great work and awesome product!

  6. This is the perfect post for today as I was searching for a way to provide feedback – so that is my first request, give us a button to provide feedback. Once I am logged in, I can’t even find this blog at the Workflowy website.

    I LOVE this product and have been searching for this for a long time, having tried and walked away from many other task apps.

    What i was planning to request when I got stuck not finding a feedback button – give us options to see our completed tasks for one day, one week or one month. It motivates me to have my daily checklist with lots of items crossed off, but of course I don’t want to see EVERYTHING that I have ever crossed off. Another option would be to archive completed items so that monthly or quarterly I could export them (with a date attached) to a csv file and they would disappear from my active list. This way I can access them if I need to go back and find out when a particular activity was completed.

    Thanks for listening!

  7. The best that will make me happy is a posibility to define special characters (!, * …) and treat them like @ and # right now. Then you can use one as a simple date tag, for example ^2014-01-24 and search all tasks for a given day.

  8. I know this is not simple, but if I could attach documents an entry, that would be insanely helpful. Since you guys already integrate with Dropbox, there might be a way using DB?

    The problem lies in being able to associate files with an entry, so anyone can open them imediately. If that’s solved, that would make my life awesome.

    1. I regularly link to files/folders on my local, network, and cloud locations. Workflowy allows me to remember a sane set of keywords to find the link. I know it’s a hack. It would be lovely to right click on a file and create a link in WF, but since it is a web app, you are just going to have to right click and copy the full path to the file.

    1. Yes. Goes with the rename hyperlink suggestions.

      Links can take many lines , being ugly and not very descriptive…

  9. Also, it would be great to have maybe 5 tabs across the top, so I could have one flow of personal items, one flow business/project items, one flow shared project items, etc. Then I could switch back and forth more easily without going up and down the list.

  10. I would like to think that *all* of the features in the survey are in the pipeline, you just want to know which ones to roll out first… right?

    Well, since what features people need depend on the use they have for it, and to avoid making WF too specific to one use, I think you should start from optimizing the experience overall, going from the general use features to the more specific features. Based on that, the above mentioned characteristics rank as follows:
    1. Drag to select, copy/paste – because it’s pretty basic, Word has it, everybody is used to that and WF not having it is a constant nuisance that is bugging the back of my mind… This is also up there with the multiple tabs idea and the file attach idea (–> if the file is in fact somewhere in your computer or DB, maybe you can be able to attach a path/link instead of the actual file?)
    2. Android app – this would kill evernote. A “search” widget would be really cool and/or a “quick note” feature where you just write things and they are automatically added under a specific tab you specify?
    3. Better collaboration.. I think this means being able to track views, notifications when something has been changed in the list and/or comments. I like the collaboration system right now, it is pretty simple and straightforward (at least for my use).
    4. Dates & Reminders: all that would take is integration with some sort of Calendar app (i know it’s easier said than done). The reason this comes last is because it assumes a very specific use of WF – pushing this over the other features will imply that the main use of WF is as a to-do list and, frankly, there are other to-do lists out there that are much more sophisticated and I don’t think that WF should compete with them at least in the short-run, until the other aspects of UI are down.

    As I said, the new features really depend on the use that each one of us has for WF. It is pretty much everything to everyone right now.
    I do not use it as a daily task/to-do list for example, but to unload ideas, create outlines of projects and document progress on said projects. Other people might use it differently. This flexibility is in the end result of the brilliant simplicity of WF and why it is so awesome!

    Sorry for the long post – I just figure I’ll share what I think since this post is about providing feedback 🙂 That being said, thank you for your work WorkFlowy team!! You rock!!

  11. I voted “Other – Search & Replace / Replace All”

    Other things I’d like to see:

    1. columns
    2. more formatting options
    3. improved offline windows app, super-fast!
    4. multiple select (and move/copy)
    5. due dates
    6. sort
    7. cloning
    8. attachments for pro users

    Keep up the good work! Thanks.

    1. Columns like “OmniOutliner for iPad” does.
      It would be super useful to be able to create columns (like Omni Outliner for iPad) that span all the descendants (child nodes, etc.).

  12. I’m not keen on dates/reminders, this is moving WorkFlowy from its territory into the territory of other apps (Asana, any Todo-list app). I like WorkFlowy for what it is, it doesn’t have to compete with software otehrs produce.

    1. I agree. Maybe the closest to integrating a date or reminder system should simply be a link to a Calendar entry. That way, you change the date in whatever native Calendar app you’re using, or add an alert/reminder as needed there. This lets WorkFlowy remain simple and strong at what it does best. Honestly, just adding yyyy-mm-dd text to an entry accomplishes dates. With the added abilities to flatten hierarchy and sort entries, you could easily filter/generate a “calendar” list.

      1. Yes, using yyyy-mm-dd accomplishes dates, but it doesn’t make having those dates in a useful format. If you’ve got dates spread out across thousands of lines of text, you can’t get a very clear picture of what’s coming up soon unless you can click on something that will 1. show items with dates on a calendar; or 2. show items with dates in a chronological format.

  13. Please release your Android app (when its ready) on the Amazon marketplace for easy access for Kindle Fire users! Also, an API would be awesome!

  14. CompleteAll

    When we select “Complete” it just marks the current item as completed, not its children, which may make sense.

    But most of the time, when a task is completed, it means all its children have been completed also; so a “CompleteAll” option would mark as complete, the current item and all its decendants (direct children and children of children, etc.)

  15. I’ve tried a number of productivity apps and Workflowy is perfect for me.

    Along the way, I realized that I tend to make a mess (happens in every app). I spread out and add tons of bullet points over time until it’s a big mess I need to clean up.

    It would be amazing if Workflowy could show me areas I haven’t visited in a long time, so I could delete/consolidate them and keep things clean.

    1. Perhaps you could just do a NOT “last-changed” search? Define “long time” in terms of days?

  16. I would like the ability to save reference material to a list item. I am a writer and frequently have a list with stories I am working on. It would be really handy to save the Word document under the item in my To Do list and also store links to reference material, photos, or PDF’s I am using as part of the story. I know I can use Evernote or other services to do these tasks, but it would be nicer to have a one stop shop with Workflowy. I would have the list and could be working on any number of different items without having to jump back and forth to other programs to find what I need to accomplish the task.

  17. Cut and Paste !
    Moving a sub-section into another level 1 item is a pain because you have to expand both trees to make a drag and drop.
    For the moment, I use Export feature as a workaround 😦

    1. I would second this with a split screen so you can navigate to the destination. As it is, I would have to use two tabs, export the data, and delete the original tree.

      The other workaround is to put a tag #moveme at the destination and source. When you search for #moveme, it’s relatively easy to move using the hotkeys, but something more intuitive would be more desirable.

  18. I love this app, but for me the key thing that’s missing is the ability to protect a particular branch with a password.

    WorkFlowy is the kind of app that I want to keep open at all times, for quick access to all my data, but I also have some very sensitive information in it, so I cannot do that. For the same reason I’m reluctant to install the offline app. Add granular password protection and I’ll be much more comfortable using the app all the time!

      1. Thanks, I think I’ll try that. I guess you can easily share lists between the 2 accounts.
        Still, if I could add password protection on any level it would be so practical!

  19. I organize by color; such as Education/Orange, Legal matters/Blue, Medical/Red, Shopping/Yellow, Work/Green, Fun/Purple, etc. This is used on my mac mail (set background color and add flags), added back to the Mac OSX folders since they went gray and lastly used on my Google calendar. It speeds up readability and organization. While I like the stark minimalism of Worflowy, I’m still feeling the need for a buzz of color or highlighting–something!

    1. I second this one – need to know easily what item is important/urgent etc. Am using Share ( since it changes to purple colour) to differentiate between active and non-active items. Not the best solution but will do at present.

  20. You don’t need to do a big change with dates. But would be great if you simply add the possibility tl manage them in any way the user wants. I don’t know why all the people see WF as a simple outliner. For me is the best free-information manager. And I say “free” as format-free. I would really like to write a post to show you how I use WF to manage information from 30 workers and 100 customers. Look, let’s make a treat: if you implement sucessfully a WF way-of-manage dates, I’ll find the time to write that article.

  21. I voted for Android offline as I think cross-platform support is the most important feature. No matter where I am, what technology is with me, or what connectivity I have, WorkFlowy is there to be my trusted notepad.

    I would have also voted for dates and reminders if allowed multiple votes. Actually I don’t care much about reminders and would say that dates and priority are key contexts that need to be added.

    1. I hope that localization and formatting is handled well. For example, it drives me crazy if dates aren’t in ISO Format 2014-01-26, but other users would be more interested in the US format Jan-26th (with an implied 2014).

      Searching should include range finding. Date > 2014-01-16 would pull up any date tags newer than that date.

      I would also be interested to have each node have a last changed date so I could search on nodes created in a certain time range.

  22. While I am here, I might mention two other small (I think) things that would improve WF usability for me. Dont know if others will agree?

    1. Increase size of the little panel of commands that appears when you hover over the dot. So often the mouse moves outside the panel on way to destination command and the whole panel disappears. Of course we dont want a panel so big that it obscures text, so could the existing panel be in a bigger transparent box that kept the mouse focus as we moved to our destination command? Or is there a better way to achieve this?

    2. I would love to be able to move dot points by dragging the dot, rather than by sweeping the mouse all the way to the other side (the latter is great when doing a series of moves to rearrange a whole set of dot points but the former would be far more convenient when writing and arranging at same time).

    3. (I know I said two but this is related!) Could we actually do everything from the dot – including expand/collapse? Hover for mini-menu; click once to toggle expand/collapse; click and drag to move (and sweep outside dots in left margin to select multiple dot points). This is all modelled on Circus Ponies Notebook which I find really terrific – in fact what I love about WF is it is like an ever-expanding CPNB.

    Interested to hear thoughts of others here – it is great to pick up tips and ideas from other users.

    1. I agree with Luna’s 1) and 2) – both would make my experience in WorkFlowy much more enjoyable and less frustrating!

  23. Please don’t clutter up Workflowy, trying to turn it into one tool for everything. It’s a great organizational tool. Don’t try to turn it into a todo list. Then it will just wind up as a 2nd class todo list and a 2nd class organizational tool.

  24. I’d like to see workflowy retain it’s simplicity. One thing I would like though is some sort of scheduled back-up facility e.g. a settings option to dump the full list to email or dropbox on a daily/weekly basis. This morning for instance the WF server was down for a while and I had no access to my list. If I had a local text file fallback that would be a relief (i know i can do that manually btw).

  25. I like how easy it is to move an item to the bottom of a list – Shift Tab, Tab. I would like a keyboard shortcut to do the opposite and move an item to the top of a list.

  26. I’m new to workflowly, but I’m really starting to see potential to it. Crosslinking is something that has been missing in various systems I’ve tried. Learning the #tag concept opened my eyes to another way. What bothers me with them is a simple thing. My # tags are spread across my entire hierarchy. Getting to them is simple by having top level tags. However only the line with the tag is shown; sometimes I need the context around it, for instance other subtasks that are at the same level. I wouldn’t suggest showing them automatically, but what I *think* would work is to drop the person out of the (#@…) tag search at the place they click on the tag, when deactivating the search.

    Example scenario: I click on my #today hash tag that is on the top level. This gets me all my tasks for today. I notice one subtask of a larger task that I should work on today, but I need to understand it in the context of the other subtasks, which were not tagged today. Currently clicking on the #today, any of them, drops me back out to the top level. Then I have to recall exactly where the subtask was in the whole system and ‘zoom’ to there. Instead, I would like to drop out of the #today zoom into the place I click on the #today to drop me out. In my example, this would drop me to the zoom level of the task/subtasks.

    That said, there probably is a use case where people would like to drop back out to the starting level. Given the clever development on workflowy so far, I’m sure the developers will come up with some way to make both work.

    1. That’s a great point! I’d like the option to show the subtree under the items I’ve tagged, when viewing the tagged items…

    2. The thing I find difficult sometimes about using tags like #today or #thisweek is that I have to spend a lot of time when planning my week to go through my entire WorkFlowy work node, which is quite large, read through everything, and add those tags for the week. It feels very cumbersome.

      1. Hi Michelle,

        Just thought I’d share with you a couple things I do to limit the upkeep on using tags for scheduling tasks.

        First, similarly to one’s you mention only slightly differnent, I use a combination of tags when it comes to tasks for the current week – including some repeating tasks. An example task for the day might have tags after it like this…

        #thisweek #monday #PM #fromhome

        This way, at the start of my week, or each new day, I’m not having to schedule everything. Most of the scheduling is done at the time the entry is made in my workflowy or when I complete a part of it and reschedule it for the follow up task.

        I also use an additional priority tag at the end of my set of tags to priorities getting to stuff that really matters vs optionally getting to things of less importance.

        So my tag above would really look like…

        #thisweek #monday #PM #fromhome #key

        If a top priority, or otherwise, where #key might be #pri2 if of some importance but not too critical or urgent and where #iftime can be used for stuff that’s really bonus / unimportant.

        For the things that aren’t scheduled on a day (and time of day) this current week, I might have it scheduled to a coming month (#March) or coming week (#nextweek). And here I’ll also use the priority tags to make it easy to just get to what really matters when it comes to it.

        On Sunday night or Monday morning, I’ll do a search for #nextweek #key and make sure I go through and schedule all the key stuff I need to.

        I’ve got a couple other things I do to make things even simpler and more useful – one recently of using the *** in addition to tags when I focusing in on tasks for one of the times of day.

        By using the *** at point of time, I can do a search like above, and have included there some things that are just reminders – maybe relating to habits I’m trying to form / reinforce – and just put the *** next to do things that both require action and I plan to do in this sprint of effort. Other things, I can reschedule if I don’t plan to do them now and ***.

        Then having done that, I do the search on the *** instead and actually start working through those actions items.

        That may be way more sharing on my usage that you care to ready (in which case, perhaps you didn’t!) But hopefully you got far enough maybe to find something worthy trying.

        Best of luck!

    3. Hey k9b3,

      That’s an interesting idea!

      Just a thought on one thing you might try more immediately… If you make your current action of the larger goal a “child” bullet to that larger goal, you’ll definitely at least see the current action in the context with that larger goal.

      You could included all the steps require as part of the “Note” on that parent item / larger goal – so you can look at it immediately with the action you’ve tagged for #today returned with your search – so that’s one option for maybe achieving something close to what you want in the short term.

      Another would be to make every action a child to the next action… so that the next action you’ve tagged for #today is a child item to the action that will follow that – and that item a child to the action that will follow that – and so on until the parent action – that is the overall goal.

      The WorkFlowy feature to save views – and zeroed in on a specific item and all its immediate children (which could be all the required actions for completing some task or project) might also come in handy for specific goals or projects.

      You could just have one child item that’s tagged for today under that parent goal / project that comes up with your search that explicitly reminds you to switch to that quick view to see everything when you work that task.

      I think you might find a number of options you can start to use presently to achieve something like what you mean – but though not necessary precisely the way you’re suggesting.

      Best of luck!

  27. Two things:
    1) Active shared tagging e.g. I can have a bunch of tasks assigned to @Bob. I want to be able to share the @Bob link so that he can readily see which tasks are his.
    2) A hidden “date created” field – which could be made visible if needed. Then you can sort items by date – see old items that need refreshing, recent items you created etc. And if you switch the date to visible ie next to the entry you can see the list of tasks or events under a bullet, so you get a sense of the diary of progress. Lots of other uses for this too.

    1. +1 to date created! Add to that an autosort option (by adate and alphabetical) and now we are cooking with gas!

  28. I would love a very simple thing: instead of remembering the state Folded/unFolded of each node, it would be nice to have an option to keep them folded. Or at least a key to fold them all.
    I use it for presentations (instead of Slides) and I would like to have the nodes always folded by default.

    Another point has to do with research, it would be nice to have the context, but without cluttering or slowing the thing …

    You should be able to extend Workflowy without destroying it via collaboration with other tools (links, API …) The same way you backup with DropBox. Typically, time management should not be done inside workflowy, nor bookmarks, projects and all others ideas.

    1. This might help you with the folding/unfolding. You know the little + / – to the left of a node. Instead of single clicking on it, double click. This either opens all or closes all sub nodes. Be careful with this – that can be A LOT of open nodes.

  29. Workflowy for teams. I just need to know who created what note (item) and who crossed something off.

    As an already-paying user, I’d be willing to pay double for this feature.

  30. Hey does this mean that we can immediately have an android offline version…Chrome is offering all its apps on mobile now

  31. Documentation. It’s hard to say what feature it needs when it’s so hard to figure out which ones it already has.

  32. I would really want that WorkFlowy can compile tag lists for me automatically. I use tags a lot and now keep them listed manually.

    1. That’s a good one, Remember the Milk has this and it is really useful. Adding it to Workflowy would be a nice feature add; but frankly Workflowy is great right now as is!

  33. This is a very nice app. However, as a screen reader user, there is one showstopper that kills it for me at present.

    * somehow mark items that have sub-items
    I can show them by zooming in, but the problem is if someone hands me a list, I don’t know which items have subitems. I would have to move to each, zoom in, and see what happens. How tedious would this be for lists with more than a few items!!

    * Add headings to the page
    For instance, the title of the list should always be marked up via heading. This way I can quickly find the start of the list. If the keyboard shortcuts pane is opened, it should also be introduced with a heading, and when you press the shortcut key to open it, shift focus to it so screen reader users know that the pane actually did appear.

  34. I just became a Workflowy user and have been a Remember the Milk user for years. My suggestion for new features? Keep it very limited. I know that isn’t a feature, that’s a basic request on how the app evolves. I hope you focus like the team at Basecamp or at Remember the Milk … secure, indispensable tool, doubling down on simple, efficient, reliable. I can see Workflowy replacing Remember the Milk for me and being vital to my workflow. Thank you both very much for creating this tool.

    1. I second that! WorkFlowy should continue to be what it is – and what makes it unique – and all feature adds should be designed around maintaining this great core experience of the tool ; )

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