Is This How Links Should Work?


A user wrote us suggesting that we need a better interface for linking to content within WorkFlowy. He also included the mockup above (click to see full resolution image), which I quite like, and fits well with how I’ve imagined this working.

What do you think? Is the approach in the mockup good for linking to content with WorkFlowy?

We get tons of feature suggestions, but we really love it when users send concrete mockups for interface problems we’re thinking about. If you do interface design, send us mockups of your ideas!

Why no blogging from WorkFlowy? Babies!

Photo Mar 14, 11 45 52 PM

Some people have been complaining in the comments that I haven’t been blogging. “How could you possibly be so busy as to not blog at all? Not even a word?” They ask.

As WorkFlowy’s resident blogger, I’ve been asking myself related questions. For example: “Who could go two months without trimming their beard? How long has it been since I showered? What day is it? Why am I hallucinating from sleep deprivation?”

Well, the answer to all these questions is the same: twins.

My wife and I had twins at the beginning of February. It’s a lot of work taking care of two babies who don’t want to sleep. Last night I went to bed at 5am. I’m struggling to get the few hours of work in per day that I’m able, and just haven’t had time to blog.

However, I do like blogging! Since starting it at the end of last year, after threatening to abandon it, I’ve enjoyed it, and realized that it is a nice way to connect with people who use WorkFlowy. So, now that we seem to be getting at least some sort of handle on parenting, I’m gonna try to start posting again.

Wish me luck!

Note for Concerned Readers: The blog had been getting a lot of spam comments, because I turned off comment moderation knowing I wouldn’t have time to moderate with the babies. I just turned moderation back on, and went through and removed all the spam. Now, you can comment freely after a first comment has been approved. Sadly, you’ll be getting fewer links to great real estate opportunities , but the comments will be more relevant to WorkFlowy.