Why no blogging from WorkFlowy? Babies!

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Some people have been complaining in the comments that I haven’t been blogging. “How could you possibly be so busy as to not blog at all? Not even a word?” They ask.

As WorkFlowy’s resident blogger, I’ve been asking myself related questions. For example: “Who could go two months without trimming their beard? How long has it been since I showered? What day is it? Why am I hallucinating from sleep deprivation?”

Well, the answer to all these questions is the same: twins.

My wife and I had twins at the beginning of February. It’s a lot of work taking care of two babies who don’t want to sleep. Last night I went to bed at 5am. I’m struggling to get the few hours of work in per day that I’m able, and just haven’t had time to blog.

However, I do like blogging! Since starting it at the end of last year, after threatening to abandon it, I’ve enjoyed it, and realized that it is a nice way to connect with people who use WorkFlowy. So, now that we seem to be getting at least some sort of handle on parenting, I’m gonna try to start posting again.

Wish me luck!

Note for Concerned Readers: The blog had been getting a lot of spam comments, because I turned off comment moderation knowing I wouldn’t have time to moderate with the babies. I just turned moderation back on, and went through and removed all the spam. Now, you can comment freely after a first comment has been approved. Sadly, you’ll be getting fewer links to great real estate opportunities , but the comments will be more relevant to WorkFlowy.

36 thoughts on “Why no blogging from WorkFlowy? Babies!

  1. Father of 4-year old twins here. You are in the ‘Vortex’ but it gets better. Keeping them alive is a great accomplishment. Nice work.

    1. Thanks! We saw a lady on the bus a couple of days ago with her identical twin 8 year olds, and she was like, “I wish I could tell you it gets better. It just gets different” Good to hear it gets better!:)

  2. Congratulations on the family news! (And good luck with the sleep management…)

    I’m a new convert to Workflowy and after having tried every cloud-based productivity app on the planet, I finally feel like I’ve found my friend for life. Access to Workflowy has become like water to me: you turn it on and it’s always there. It makes me smile every time I type into it, and that’s many hours per day at the moment!

    As a Myers-Briggs “P”, my life is naturally an organisational mess, so I am slavish to lists; I knew that within a few days of using it I needed to buy the subscription – do you do life membership? 😉

    Super work. Don’t ever sell out / sell up!

    1. Haha, thanks! Life membership, that’s an interesting idea. If we did it, what would you suggest we charge?

      1. if we can make our platform opensource, make it a ‘commerce’ platform for doing all type of things (like github, but for lists!), then I will sign up lifelong subscription!’

      2. yeah, we’re definitely thinking about that. it is a super cool idea to have a public collection of lists, processes etc on any topic.

  3. Congratulations Jesse! Enjoy both programming and parenting at the same time. A splendid mix of demands and uncertainty, with high rewards!

  4. Maybe we were just poorly equipped as new parents, but my wife and I pretty much felt outnumbered one-to-two by our daughter. My wife claims that early on I got out of bed totally on autopilot in the middle of the night and changed a diaper on one of our cats. We felt that way for a long time; I’m in awe of single parents and parents of twins.

  5. Congratulations!!! And twins is an adequate reason for why the blog has been quiet. Ha!

    My wife and I have 4 kids ranging from ages 3mo to almost 7yrs old. I think I used to know what sleep was…but that is a distant memory.

    Looking forward to more updates. Perhaps a “How I Have Used Workflowy as a Parent of Newborn Twins” followed by a “What Missing Feature We Decided to Work On”?? Haha!

    And yes, after the 6 month marker…it gets noticeably easier/better with newborns. 🙂

  6. Congratulations Jesse! Twins are a gift. Kids are born with personalities. You really get to see the balance between nurture and nature as your twins grow up. My twins will be 13 this summer..

    1. Awesome! I think ours are identical, so it is a great opportunity to do some experiments 🙂

  7. YAY FOR TWINS! I’m one too, and even married to one, *and* we both have a twin brother … although not the same one 😀

    Seriously, congrats times two. It’s a lot of work up front, but believe it or not: less than if you had one at a time, and being twins is just. so. awesome. so you’ve got it made. Congrats!!

    1. yeah, i’m always jealous of twins 🙂 seems like so much fun, so i’m really happy about it

  8. Congratulations!! Love your photo!
    A number of years ago I was on a flight from Cleveland to Denver with a mom flying solo with triplet boys who were 2 and a half years old. (A pair of identical twins and a fraternal twin brother – but they all looked identical to me!!) Boy! Did she have her hands full! I helped out as much as I could but wow!! So dare I say, be thankful for just twins?

  9. Congratulations, they look marvelous!
    My twin daughters are 9 months today and it is a full time job for my wife, after 6 hectic first months for the two of us.
    Seeing the comments, I start wondering whether Workflowy usage does attract the twin karma 😀

  10. First time commenting, but thought I had to, congratulations to you and your wife, who I’m sure is doing the real hard work 😉 God bless, Jim

  11. Congratulations Jesse!
    Fatherhood is the best experience a bearded man can have!!!
    Take the time to enjoy it. They grow up to very fast.

  12. Congrats on the twins. Love that you’re wearing one (or both?) of them. Agree with the comment about having them in your bed; wearing the babies also will help calm them (and sometimes you!)

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  14. Good Luck!! I have a 3 year old and am currently reading “1000 Days of Wonder”. One of the points the author makes is that sleep depravity is a baby trick to ensure that their parents only have enough room in their sleepless brains to think about the kiddo. So… you know… that’s good I guess.

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