How to Import Tasks from Asana


Lee Branch, founder of Intently Digital, recently emailed us a simple tip for importing tasks from Asana, and suggested we post it, as he’d been struggling to figure it out. So, here’s what Lee suggested:

Basically you select a project, then highlight all tasks in that project.
The do CMD +C (new to macs, basically the copy keyboard shortcut – CTRL+C on a PC)
This pops up an overlay of all the tasks which you can highlight/copy/paste as plain text 🙂

Hopefully someone finds this useful!

Update: Lee made a video demonstrating how it works.

4 thoughts on “How to Import Tasks from Asana

  1. Word 2013 reads PDF files into word, so I just print and open the file in Word. That brings all the sub and sub-sub tasks along as well.

  2. When you click on the video link it just says “Sorry! That page doesn’t seem to exist.”

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