Using WorkFlowy as a Kanban Calendar

Productivity Mashup has invented something called Kanban Calendar, which is a mashup of several of their favorite productivity systems. They’ve applied the concept of Kanban Calendar to WorkFlowy, and you should check it out. The video above is one of a few from the article showcasing the system, so check out the article for the full treatment.

We aren’t auto-playing YouTube videos. It’s a Google bug.


A lot of people are emailing us this morning to complain that we’ve started auto-playing multiple hidden youtube videos in WorkFlowy when they load the page. We aren’t doing that!

It’s happening due to a bug that’s showing up on all sorts of sites across the internet. It seems to be related to the interaction between the Chromecast Chrome extension and YouTube. You can fix this issue by turning off the Chromecast extension.

Here’s a related bug report for Chrome and the relevant teams seem to be on it (seems it isn’t the Chrome team’s fault, but this is the only public forum I found).

Update: I just confirmed that installing the “Google Cast” extension causes the problem. 

Easily remove tags by EXPLODING THEM!!!!!

Removing a tag from lots of places in WorkFlowy can be annoying. Well, it just got easier, and more emotionally satisfying. You can hold the [alt] key and click a tag, and it will explode. On Mac, the key you hold is [command]. You’ll know a tag is ready to explode when it turns red.

The special effects are amazing, we know. But don’t be scared. Your computer isn’t really exploding.

Links for shared WorkFlowy lists just got a lot shorter. And safer.

It used to be, if you shared a list in WorkFlowy, the link looked like this monstrosity:

That was no good, so we’ve shortened it to something like this:

We’ve also made it so that if you unshare and then re-share a list, it creates a different link. It used to create the same link, which effectively meant you couldn’t change who had access to a shared list (unless you were using private sharing) without recreating the entire list.

It’s a small improvement, but a good one!