Links for shared WorkFlowy lists just got a lot shorter. And safer.

It used to be, if you shared a list in WorkFlowy, the link looked like this monstrosity:

That was no good, so we’ve shortened it to something like this:

We’ve also made it so that if you unshare and then re-share a list, it creates a different link. It used to create the same link, which effectively meant you couldn’t change who had access to a shared list (unless you were using private sharing) without recreating the entire list.

It’s a small improvement, but a good one!

7 thoughts on “Links for shared WorkFlowy lists just got a lot shorter. And safer.

  1. That’s a nice improvement. I’m thinking of doing a feature on Workflowy on my blog in the not too distant future. 🙂

  2. The poor people who got monstrosity links would find their links are now irrelevant =D

    I’ll just add this for your second item in that link:
    – Using down-key on lists works down lines as usual. Using up-key though moves up by item’s beginning point.
    – home-key and end-key now work as usual. That is, hitting home-key brings cursor to front of current line (even in multi-line items without linebreak) and hitting end-key brings cursor to the end.

    This really bothered the hell out of me before. Thanks again!

  3. I would like to be able to put shared items (that someone shared with me) inside my own worflowy document, so both of us could work on it and simultaneously have it side by side, in the same document, with those other items that are not shared. Did I make it clear??
    The problem is that when someone shares something with me, I can’t view it inside my own worflowy, I have to open a separate window or tab, and it woul be nice to put everything together. Like having a “shared with me” item, and inside of that I could put the links to those shared items and open it right away inside my workflowy document (I can put a link there, but it opens in another tab, it’s a separate document)
    I don’t know if anyone understands what I am trying to say… I hope you do!

    1. I just found out the answer to my problem… when I open the shared item appears an option to add it to my own workflowy document! And I can put it wherever I want!
      Great! 😀
      Sorry for my ignorance…

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