Improvement: Navigate up and down within a multi-line item

Navigating through an item with enough text to span multiple lines used to be a pain. You had to use a mouse. Now, we’ve fixed that, and it works as expected, just going to the next line of text.

14 thoughts on “Improvement: Navigate up and down within a multi-line item

  1. Wonderful. Just keeps getting better. I’m hoping next on your list is a way to delete items in the android app without having to manually backspace them away. My top remaining annoyance. Thanks for a great product.

    1. I agree that this is a top annoyance, combined with not having a way to duplicate items on the android app. Essentially, it would be great to have the options that you get on the web app from hovering over the bullet point. Perhaps via a persistent clickable gray circle next to the bullet point?

  2. Feeling like it’s time to show a little appreciation – how to donate? I can’t see a button anywhere.

  3. Hi Jesse – This sounds great but still can’t navigate vertically using cursor keys on the iPad app or on iPad Chrome (when requesting desktop version). Any chance you could improve this side too? Or is these an iPad browser you know of which does allow for correct vertical cursor key keyboard navigation when visiting Workflowy?

  4. Love this!! It was definitely work-aroundable, but annoying nonetheless. Workflowy keeps getting better and better. Glad I found you, glad I stuck with you, glad I’m a Pro user, and I keep extolling your merits to anyone who needs a list manager and will listen. Keep up the great work, guys!!

  5. It doesn’t quite work that way for me (Chrome browser and Chrome App, on Windows 7). Moving down is now line-by-line (yay!), but moving up moves item-by-item unless I’m inside the item in which case it’s line-by-line. Which actually seems like a clever feature, but it’s not what the video shows. This is definitely not a complaint, as either way is fine with me! I’m curious about the discrepancy.

    1. Good question – this is the intended behavior because we wanted the caret to always move the the beginning when moving from one item to another. (So pressing ‘up’ when on the first line of an item moves to the beginning of the previous item.)

      In the video, Jesse is pressing ‘left’ when at the beginning of an item to move to the *end* of the previous item because that lets him demonstrate the new behavior.

  6. Can it be made between items, as well? It’s frustrating to arrow down from the middle or end of a line and be sent to the beginning of the next one.

    Actually, it would be nice if going down from the end of a line put you on the end of the next line, like in Microsoft Word.

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