21 thoughts on “Duplicate by dragging by holding [alt]

  1. Nice! Didn’t know this. Thanks for sharing.

    Any chance you could implement a toggle in the options that turns off the (copy) tag? I’ve never kept it–only adds a few clicks to remove it every time.

      1. This was mostly for the original case of the Duplicate control in the bullet menu to make it clear which was the copy and which the original. It does seem less useful in the drag to duplicate case.

  2. Again, fantastic new feature! Random question – unless I’ve just never noticed it before, is there a reason that when holding “alt” and clicking on a tag it explodes like the Death Star? It doesn’t appear that it does anything other than delete the tag from that one instance, but the animation looked so graphic I wondered if there was a larger implication to deleting a tag that way…

    1. blog.workflowy.com/2014/08/07/easily-remove-tags-by-exploding-them/

      I just realised though that it doesn’t delete “all instances of that tag” at once with that action. ah well. X)

  3. The cool thing about these updates is that I feel like I get to grow with the app. In the last couple of months we have seen a lot of cool new keyboard shortcut features which I am making part of my daily clicking… and which would otherwise have gone unnoticed if in the beginning I were faced with 101 keyboard shortcuts. The recent multiple selection (alt – click – click – click) takes the cake!

  4. Hi Great you are churning out lots of small but significant updates! Can I make a suggest that might also be fairly small? Can we have an option to SHOW ALL NOTES. I would love to be able to display all the notes for all the dot points on a page at once, rather than having to click in and out of each one?

    And of course – still waiting for the KILLER feature – easy links between dot points (easy to create link, and easy to navigate back and forth between linked items). I know you know we want that but doesn’t hurt to keep it on the agenda eh?

    Thanks heaps for great tool! Luna

    1. To expand/collapse all nested items you have to open the parent one and then double click on it’s text.

      1. Thanks “Roma”! I didn’t know that. No feature like that in iOS yet… but it’s magic on Desktop/ Web. I love the way it collapses back to the way everything was when you double click again. Too good to be true!!

      2. Thanks Roma
        That is indeed a great feature – but it is not what I meant. I meant the notes field that opens up under each dot point in a lighter font if you click ADD NOTE in the little menu to the left of the big dot. You can write a lot of lines but it only shows a max of one line unless you click into that little notes field.
        (Sorry for my duplicate post below – I thought the first had got lost so wrote again – only now to my embarrassment I find both are there)

      3. This. I keep opening everything on the home screen by accidentally triggering this feature..

    2. Hi guys, here’s a decent workaround for now – if you want to view the content of multiple notes simultaneously:

      (1) Create a “#notes” tag in the first line of each note
      (2) Simply click on any tag or enter it into the search field

      Here’s an example you can tinker with:


      1. Good suggestion. This reminds me that we actually have a “has:note” search operator that you can use to show all items that have notes (with notes expanded). We have had a longstanding todo to allow expanding all notes through a control as well.

      2. Oh wait, sorry – I just checked and this does show all items with notes but it doesn’t expand those notes.

      3. Yep… the “has:note” search operator is still quite useful to isolate just those items with notes… then one can apply a tag to them…

  5. Great you are churning out heaps of small but highly useful improvements – thanks!

    Can I suggest another one I think might be relatively easy to do? Give us a command to SHOW ALL NOTES. Would be great to be able to optionally see the full notes for each dot point on a page rather than having to click in and out of each one to expand.

    And of course we are eagerly awaiting the killer feature of easy linking from one dot point to another (easy to create the link and easy to navigate both directions back and forth between linked nodes. I know you know we want this but doesn’t hurt to keep it on the agenda right?

    Thanks again for awesome app. Luna

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