Easily remove tags by EXPLODING THEM!!!!!

Removing a tag from lots of places in WorkFlowy can be annoying. Well, it just got easier, and more emotionally satisfying. You can hold the [alt] key and click a tag, and it will explode. On Mac, the key you hold is [command]. You’ll know a tag is ready to explode when it turns red.

The special effects are amazing, we know. But don’t be scared. Your computer isn’t really exploding.

40 thoughts on “Easily remove tags by EXPLODING THEM!!!!!

  1. Great feature, and glad to see that special effects are being kept to a minimum and only being brought out for special occasions 🙂

  2. Love that you made this faster. Can you make it so I can explode all of the tags everywhere in my WorkFlowy all at the same time? I have old tags I don’t use anymore, but they still show up in my tag auto complete list. Also, sometimes I add a temporary tag so I can quickly move things between sections. Would love a way to delete all these old tags at the same time.

      1. Totally agree with quantumgood. The new exploding feature is definitely fun, and useful if you want to quickly lay waste to a bunch of tags but not the content surrounding them.

        Gotta admit that’s a rare scenario for me though, dwarfed by the more common need/desire to globally rename and replace a specific tag in my Workflowy.

  3. I think I’m getting addicted to Workflowy…I really am starting to feel unconfortable with other apps…ok I sometimes would like a reminder, but you are supposed to check things early in the morning and before going to sleep…!

  4. This just seriously made my day. It wasn’t a bad one but it just got better. Keep rocking. Seriously.

  5. Very cool. To be more entertaining, can my completed items slide off one side of the sheet? And if I duplicate a line, the new one could hatch out of the original? And if a task has been on my “today” list for more than one day, it could start wiggling just a little to get my attention, then wiggle faster the longer I ignore it. The real question is if my task list behaved more like a video game, would I get more tasks done daily?

  6. Usefull ! but I honestly expected a way to edit them too, because deleting is only one side of the painful treatment of tags in workflowy : when I want to rename a tag present in more than fifty nodes, I feel a lot of pain.

  7. LOL, never did I dream my question would warrant an entire blog post and video. Love the effect, however. 🙂

  8. Works on my PC, but… not on my Chromebook. In a Chromebook, holding down key and left-clicking is equivalent to a right-click. So on a Chromebook there is no explosion, just the context menu.

  9. this is a question for great workflowy team:
    i invited some friends to join the workflowy , and tell them how to use it easily for making work staff, but i don not get extra 250 items per person, and I am a heavy users(students),i need more items.

    1. Just discovered how to explode tags on a Chromebook! Hold down the search key (the one with the magnifying glass icon), and left-click on tag.

  10. I could not find a link for request for new feature, hence posting here. putting the completed items at the bottom of that list automatically might be useful… otherwise it becomes too completed, I sometimes manually do this (move completed items at the bottom)… nice app, use and recommend it alot… I hope it wont lose this simplicity…

    1. I have some doubts about my request in the previous comment after I thought about it more… 🙂 there are occasions I would like to see the completed item right there… so better keep it this way 🙂

    1. The alt key doesn’t do it for me either on Ubuntu 14.04. You need to use the windows key if you have one on your keyboard, or what Linux calls the “meta” key sometimes.

  11. I love the exploding tags. NOW I would LOVE to ALT-CLICK-DRAG a tag to COPY it to another node. Such as a #DATE tag that one can just BAM BAM BAM time stamp things on the fly with a COPY-DRAG function. Ehh? Ehh?

  12. Neat! I have another idea, for a bulk rename: Shift-clicking a tag to rename the tag and all the tags for all other items with that tag. For example:

    I want to change the tag for the following set:

    A [#1]
    B [#1]
    C [#1]


    A [#2]
    B [#2]
    C [#2]

    I just shift-click the tag [#1] attached to A, rename it to [#2] and it rewrites the tags for B and C as well.

  13. For those on Linux and/or in the standalone chrome/chromium, you should [Alt] [Shift] and click for this to work.

  14. Hi Workflowy! It’s been over a year since new feature release. When are we going to get something new? Most of productivity apps with paid subscription release new features more often…. How a bout the support for pictures or text colour?

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