We aren’t auto-playing YouTube videos. It’s a Google bug.


A lot of people are emailing us this morning to complain that we’ve started auto-playing multiple hidden youtube videos in WorkFlowy when they load the page. We aren’t doing that!

It’s happening due to a bug that’s showing up on all sorts of sites across the internet. It seems to be related to the interaction between the Chromecast Chrome extension and YouTube. You can fix this issue by turning off the Chromecast extension.

Here’s a related bug report for Chrome and the relevant teams seem to be on it (seems it isn’t the Chrome team’s fault, but this is the only public forum I found).

Update: I just confirmed that installing the “Google Cast” extension causes the problem. 

3 thoughts on “We aren’t auto-playing YouTube videos. It’s a Google bug.

  1. Looks like you need to clear your cache in addition to disabling the extension to have desirable results.

  2. When I try to open Workflowy in Google Chrome Browser as a Google app, it closes the browser window – just dissapears. Cant open as an app at all. I have never installed ChromeCast.

    1. We’ve been getting some reports of this. Debugging Google Apps is kinda hard, unfortunatley :/

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