Better support for Swype and 3rd party keyboards on iOS 8

swype-logoIf you use Swype, you can now hit enter and it will create a new line, as expected. Enjoy Swyping!

Update: Unfortunately, we have had to disable this change. It created a serious bug in the normal iOS app, causing hitting delete with one character left in an item to also trigger a “return” event, and thereby wreaking all sorts of havok (you don’t expect hitting backspace to create a new item, right?). We’ve looked into a better way of doing the fix, and are hoping to implement it soon.

9 thoughts on “Better support for Swype and 3rd party keyboards on iOS 8

  1. Great guys, thank you! But the Swype delete key still doesn’t work to Remove a new line – any chance of a fix on that too? Thanks again.

    1. Unfortunately, that is quite a tricky bug that we’ve decided to punt on. Basically, swipe gives us no information about what it is doing, so its really hard to figure this kind of thing out, and it relies on hacks. There’s no good hack for the backspace, that doesn’t mess other things up.

  2. Thanks for all the hard work, Jesse! Is there any news on when Due Dates will be coming? Is it coming at all?

    1. No news. It is something I’ve started looking at again, but have done nothing concrete.

  3. is there any chance you add workflowy to firefox marketplace. so it works on desktop separately.

  4. Hello,

    I’m trying Worflowy IOS app, and I must say unfortunately it doesn’t have the same great user experience of the web app. I think this is due to the fact the Iphone screen is smaller and the touch screen requires different way to interact to be effective.
    Do you have any project to build up a native Ios App with specific user interface?
    Right now this is my main concern in using Workflow, since mobile use as the same impact as web.

  5. There are tons of known problems with 3rd-party keyboards on iOS, including my favorites, SwiftKey and Fleksy. You’ve got tons to focus on without worrying about this madness IMHO

  6. Btw, Swype functionality works beautifully in android! Ty for that!

    (every time you hit return, it actually makes a space also, so every new line has a space in front of it. I’m sure you guys knew already. It’s not bad actually, ’cause when I return to the webapp it’s plain to see which items were added by my phone.)

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