WorkFlowy Is For Thinking

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I just saw a blog post outlining why someone prefers WorkFlowy to other note taking and list making tools. It included the gif above. I liked the summary, because it emphasized something that’s hard to describe: that WorkFlowy excels at helping people think clearly, and link thoughts together. Have a read if you like, it’s called, “WorkFlowy to the Rescue

11 thoughts on “WorkFlowy Is For Thinking

  1. Spot on. WorkFlowy helps me to think about thinking. I lay out my rationale so that there’s nothing left unthought and nothing left to do but take action. I’ve worked through a lot of procrastination on this beatifully simplistic outliner.

  2. Hi, just discovered this serve and am enjoying it, finding it very useful. Two things leap out at me that might make it DOUBLEPLUSGOOD:

    – Color highlighting for text
    – Date-linking reminders

    Tell ya what, add some web-clipping capacity and you’ll give Evernote a run for their money!

  3. Simon, thanks. I’ll look into that. I don’t use Chrome due to all the tracking Google does, but I’ll explore that option.

  4. Grat product! Just started using again after trying to dedicate myself to Evernote. However, when working on a complicated project, nothing beats Workflowy. I look forward to hearing about more of your development initiatives. Thanks.

  5. I have used WorkFlowy (premium subscriber) for about a month now, and it really is a great way to take notes and collaborate. Love the hash-tag feature. I would like to see a reminder feature, and yes I understand that I can hash-tag it, but I need reminders with the volume of work I am involved in organizing. Thanks and I look forward to seeing what is next for WorkFlowy!!!!!

    1. Completely agree. Reminders or Due Date functionality is an absolute must at this point, for this product to really take off.

  6. I started WorkFlowy about a month ago and love it. But today I was updating it and the entire sheet on Firefox shrunk really small. I can’t even read it. How do I make it normal size again?

  7. Mac has a key combo, command-tab, that lets you switch among open applications. I think windows machines do also. PROBLEM, switching to Chrome dumps me on the workflowy page and I have to manually go to the Chrome web app. This is not right. Can you fix it?

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