How to Use Text Replacement to Power Through Your Daily Rituals and Repetitive Projects

Joe Williams of Zen Optimise came up with this really cool way to work with repetitive content in WorkFlowy. It’s so slick, we’re probably going to build something like this into WorkFlowy. We asked him to write a guest blog post and make a demo video. 

Don’t pay attention to the annotations in the video above. Just watch what he’s typing, and notice how typing a few letters instantly creates a whole list.

Super Fast Templates

If you have tasks that you repeatedly do, over and over, you’ll probably be looking for ways to save time and energy. WorkFlowy is great for this out of the box as you can easily setup project templates that you can copy, paste and reuse.

But imagine if you could do all that without the need to find the project or copy and paste. Instead, you could simply define a short (and easy to remember) text snippet to pull in several repetitive tasks that make up a daily ritual, a repeatable project or anything else that you do over and over. This has the potential to save hours of time if you do a lot of process oriented work!

You can do this by combining WorkFlowy’s new import plain text feature and a text replacement software of choice.

Text Replacement Software

There are quite a few on the market but below are the ones I have either used (and liked) or heard good things about:

For Mac

For Windows

That’s it, a nifty way to boost your productivity for repetitive tasks by 100% or more! Please pop in a comment to let us know of other text replacement software you’ve found useful or another way to save time with repetitive tasks.