A Community Index of WorkFlowy Templates


Richard Bird and Derrick Laird have just set up a brand spanking new WorkFlowy templates site You get to both search through a growing index of templates… and submit your template links for other WorkFlowyans to peruse and add to their accounts.

Templates Continue reading “A Community Index of WorkFlowy Templates”

The Tooth Fairy does Kanban in WorkFlowy


If you haven’t yet heard of Kanban or given it a try, it’s time. Kanban has 2 core principles: “Visualize your WorkFlow” and “Limit your Work in Progress”. WorkFlowy’s flexibility is second to none when it comes to implementing Kanban workflows. Continue reading “The Tooth Fairy does Kanban in WorkFlowy”

Lifelogging in WorkFlowy with Tags + a Brilliant WorkFlowy Tag Count Tool from Rawybtz


Whether you’re a lifelogger who logs the metrics of your every waking moment – or you’re just wanting to log a couple of key areas in your life, WorkFlowy has a brilliant solution involving tags… and counting those tags. It’s one of those “Why-didn’t-I-think-of-this?” type dynamics. I’m going to show you how to record Pomodori (time blocks of 25 minutes), sales figures, “Don’t break the chain!” routines… and pretty much anything that answers the questions, “How much?” or “How long?” in graphical structures resembling…no, exactly like charts. In WorkFlowy. Then Rawbytz is going to take you to WorkFlowy Wonderland with his WFcount Bookmarklet. Oh, and I’ll post a complimentary download link to the “Stylish” chapter of my book. Continue reading “Lifelogging in WorkFlowy with Tags + a Brilliant WorkFlowy Tag Count Tool from Rawybtz”

How Using Workflowy Keeps My Anxiety Under Control

Hi guys,

I’ve been using Workflowy for a few months and (like I imagine most users) now can’t figure out how I ever organized anything without it. Excellent job, there. I’ve been recommending it to just about everyone I know.

As someone who suffers from pretty severe anxiety issues and is also self-employed, I’ve found that using Workflowy actually helps reduce my anxiety levels and has allowed me to set up a system for dealing with particularly bad “episodes”. It’s prevented me from “freaking out” and losing clients, therefore it’s no real stretch to say using Workflowy has actually made me money.

I have a lot of friends with the same sorts of anxiety-related issues as myself, and find myself repeatedly explaining my personal Workflowy system and how it helps as part of the “sales pitch” to get them to try it out.

I thought “How using Workflowy keeps my anxiety under control” might make a good blog post, whether for one of my own blogs or for yours. Would you be interested in a guest post covering that aspect of your app?

Thanks for your time!

Michelle May aka “Shellbot”

WorkFlowy User Michelle May sent us this email recently, asking if we’d be interested in her sharing how WorkFlowy has helped her manage anxiety. We said, “Sure!” and she made the video above. Enjoy!

Get WorkFlowy Inline Images out of your System in 2016


I’ve been tinkering with inline images – right in WorkFlowy – for a couple of weeks now, along with a few other WorkFlowy users. We were unanimous in our findings: The results are amazing!… and then after a day or two, it’s like… meh. It’s all there for the taking. And after all is said and done, you decide whether to take it or leave it. One thing I’m positive about after having run the image display gauntlet: many may appreciate the current simplicity of WorkFlowy to a greater degree… and, may just decide to give this a go for limited use cases. Let’s give a quick show and tell of the what and howContinue reading “Get WorkFlowy Inline Images out of your System in 2016”