The Mother Lode Unicode List


Ever found yourself Googling special characters you may not even know the names of? Ever wished you had lightning fast access to a couple of your most commonly used symbols as you write in WorkFlowy? I’m going to share with you as complete a Unicode list as you can hope to find anywhere – one that you can slice and dice as you need. Plus we’re going to look at a simple system for accessing those Unicode characters and symbols you’ve stashed away without skipping a beat as you work in WorkFlowy. Continue reading “The Mother Lode Unicode List”

Retirement: Writing Fantasy Never Felt So Good


The Scarlet Crane 0421 (Medium)
What if I told you a world exists where at the onset of puberty children are bestowed the remarkable gift of magic? But there are some serious limitations. These children have the power to use magic for only one month, but if their magic is not unique in changing the world they’ll meet a swift death.

This is the world writer and WorkFlowy user Jim Hopkins has created in his series Transition Magic. Jim started writing five years ago as a retirement project. Since then he’s published three books with a fourth on the way. We reached out to Jim to learn more about his creative passion, and he was kind enough to tell us about his unconventional path to becoming a writer. Continue reading “Retirement: Writing Fantasy Never Felt So Good”

WFcount bookmarklet now counts time


I posted a couple of weeks ago on how one might use the WFcount bookmarklet tool to count tags with my Lifelogging system and Don’t Break the Chain routines. Rawbytz has now expanded WFcount to allow us to calculate how much time we’ve spent on any particular project or activity – with the click of a bookmarklet. There is also an iWFcount bookmarklet for mobile device. Continue reading “WFcount bookmarklet now counts time”

Preview Images in WorkFlowy with Imagus


Now here’s a no-fuss extension which shows images when hovering over image links in WorkFlowy (and the whole of the www, really). The best part about it?… No Markdown formatting is required for links, it works in all major browsers… and it doesn’t break your WorkFlowy flow. Continue reading “Preview Images in WorkFlowy with Imagus”

Reclaimed Rails Brewing Company: A Startup with WorkFlowy in the Mix


I had a chat with Chandler Parsons about the backstory of how Reclaimed Rails Brewing Company grew from “Thirsty Thursday” banter to become a truly unique destination brewery in the State of Iowa, showcasing their passion for hand crafted beer. Chandler is one of RRBC’s 4 co-owners who officially opened their doors to business this last December 20th.

Continue reading “Reclaimed Rails Brewing Company: A Startup with WorkFlowy in the Mix”