Dear WorkFlowy: How do I distribute one to all/ all to one?


I received a video with an interesting challenge from Derk, a German music instructor who wanted to see whether he could ditch Excel for WorkFlowy with a specific use case: Was WorkFlowy up to the task of managing which lessons had already been distributed to students – and helping to avoid sending out duplicate content? Continue reading “Dear WorkFlowy: How do I distribute one to all/ all to one?”

HandyFlowy Brings WorkFlowy’s Feature-Rich Desktop Goodness (and more) to iOS [+ Android]

DISCLAIMER: This is not an official recommendation from the WorkFlowy team. We do not make this app, and we do not officially support it. It may break at any time, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Frank, our volunteer blogger helped contribute to it, so we’re letting him write about it here.


NOTE: HandyFlowy is on the way for Android!

Michinari Yamamoto and his team have knocked the ball out of the park with their dedicated WorkFlowy app, HandyFlowy. HandyFlowy seamlessly loads WorkFlowy to its interface and powers up your editing, navigating and searching on mobile by putting virtually all of WorkFlowy’s desktop browser capabilities at your fingertips… and then some.

Recently, rawbytz commented to me:

“As I’ve transitioned from beta tester to pure user… I’m really appreciating the power in HandyFlowy. I am much more likely to pick up my iPhone to interact with WorkFlowy, rather than waiting until I get to a PC or using some other capture method. This thing freaking rocks.”

We (rawbytz and I) chipped in and offered to put together HandyFlowy’s app store description – which gives a clear indication of how the app powers things up for us – and so I’m about to give you a show and tell in line with that. Keep in mind that everything that follows adds to and extends what we already have on iOS. Continue reading “HandyFlowy Brings WorkFlowy’s Feature-Rich Desktop Goodness (and more) to iOS [+ Android]”

Using WorkFlowy as a Note-Taking + Study Retention Tool [Video]


For all those note-takers and academics out there: Connor Bray-Stone is going to walk us through his kick-butt system for taking and reviewing notes in WorkFlowy, in an easy-to-follow video.

His pièce de résistance is a simple, yet smart way of turning reading notes into Q Cards – with the ability to black out keywords for testing -consequently boosting study retention. Continue reading “Using WorkFlowy as a Note-Taking + Study Retention Tool [Video]”