Dr. WorkFlowy Dissects Stress and Anxiety


My late grandmother, Florence, a sharp-minded French woman, had her own saying: “When your heart is down, carve a piece of leather”. She used to create the most intricate designs on leather, plying skillfully as she, too, worked through matters of the heart. I do the same in WorkFlowy. It’s less poetic, but it does get the job done.

I’ve outlined life-changing decisions, pinpointed causes of anxiety, given myself a kick in the pants with numerous projects both big and small and streamlined tons of workflows for way better efficiency. Outlining in WorkFlowy can and does lead to a change in perspective – be it organizational or existential – which in turn gives us the impetus to make real changes – which go beyond the realm of productivity and “busy work”. Continue reading “Dr. WorkFlowy Dissects Stress and Anxiety”

Different Fonts for Different WorkFlowy Outlines


As your use of WorkFlowy expands, you’ll be doing a lot more than creating lists. You might want to give life logging or journaling a go. Then there’s task management and project outlining, long-form writing, threshing out your blog posts… or just thinking about thinking.

You might very well want to have different fonts for different outlines, seeing as when you zoom into any list, you may potentially be moving into a different mode altogether. If you’re zooming into your journal, you may want to have a font that helps you put on your journaling hat. It could be a typewriter font… or whatever else. This post gives you those tools.

Continue reading “Different Fonts for Different WorkFlowy Outlines”

Background Images for Both Light and Dark WorkFlowy Themes


A year ago I moved to an apartment right on the beach. My last apartment, a block away from the beach, had me staring at a travel agency’s Disney World billboard. A small adjustment makes all the difference in the world.

Well-chosen background images, visible while you’re typing on an opaque overlay, can and will offer you a gorgeous new aesthetic. Some other adjectives that come to mind for the themes I’m giving you today are: stunning, calming, glorious, sublime… and most definitely delightful. I’ve put an insane amount of time (and love) into the themes presented here… and of course, I got by with a little help from my friends. Continue reading “Background Images for Both Light and Dark WorkFlowy Themes”

WorkFlowy Bookmarks and Bookmarklets: a Dead-Easy Setup for Your Favorites in Any Browser


If you’re looking for a simple setup which lets you see your saved searches and bookmarked lists in a tree view… and you’re not up to figuring out text expansion app Hotkeys, then this post is for you.

We’re going to be taking a look at WorkFlowy bookmarks and bookmarklets, which require no more than a drag and drop to your browser’s toolbar. I’ll be throwing a couple of rawbytz’s incredibly useful one-click bookmarklets into the mix. I’d also like to show you a way to view a WorkFlowy-only set of bookmarks whenever you need them. Continue reading “WorkFlowy Bookmarks and Bookmarklets: a Dead-Easy Setup for Your Favorites in Any Browser”