Create a Customer Service Database in WorkFlowy – Don’t Throw Away Your Hard Work!


I’m fast, but not that fast:

— “Dad, how many days until Christmas?”
— “About 6 months sweetheart.”
— “But how many days?”
— “About 180 da… wait… Siri, how many days until Christmas?”
— [Sexy monotone voice] “It’s one hundred seventy-eight days until then.”

… so I put the tools at my disposal to work for me: I could work things out in my head, but there’s an easier way. An easier workflow.

In a similar fashion, I could frantically hammer away at my keyboard only to repeat the same customer service information that’s been asked many times before (and which will certainly be asked many times over in the days to come)… or I could get a game plan together and have the previous answer(s) at my fingertips, ready to go – cut with the very same cookie cutter.

It feels really good to work smarter and save time. This brief post is about setting up a simple system (in WorkFlowy) to capture the insightful solutions and information that we already have in our head – so that we don’t have to type them out all over again, from scratch. Continue reading “Create a Customer Service Database in WorkFlowy – Don’t Throw Away Your Hard Work!”

Give Me One Good Reason Why You’re Not Creating Lists WITH Your Kids


I’ve dedicated my WorkFlowy book to my daughter:

For Emma-Pearl: Each Pomodoro spent on this book meant less beach time for you. Though you don’t yet know all about lists and productivity, you’re on almost all of my lists… and hands down, the #1 beneficiary of my @Future-me tag.

I’m going to need to change this up a tad, because my daughter has caught on to list making in a big way since my book came out. I’m kicking myself for not having taught her about making lists much sooner. You know… little human beings are much more capable than we give them credit for. If you’re not making lists with your kids yet, you’re seriously missing out – it’s so much freaking fun!

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Picking Names out of a WorkFlowy Hat


Pens and random scraps of paper are getting scarcer by the day. And we don’t always just happen to have a hat at hand… but at social events (even in these ever-so-modern times), we still do keep up with drawing straws, picking names out of a hat… and Secret Santa.

What we all do have at hand is a smartphone. Oh yes… and we have WorkFlowy. With about a minute of pre prep-work, you can show off how smart (and sophisticated) you are – and digitize this most basic of human practicalities. What you are about to witness is the reconstruction of a true story, which occurred on December 24th of 2015, at around midnight. I’ve only changed up the names. Obviously. Continue reading “Picking Names out of a WorkFlowy Hat”

Embed Google Docs, Mind Maps, YouTube Videos, Evernote Notes and More in WorkFlowy


Sometimes serendipity runs its course – like the almost happenstance privilege I get to blog in this space… or stumbling upon JavaScript that powers a whole new subset of WorkFlowy use cases: the ability to embed web content from a variety of sources right into your outlines. I don’t understand the first thing about JavaScript (only how to copy-paste), so you’re in good company. Now let me show you a couple of gems I’ve been polishing.

Below you’ll see a handful of apps and services I was able to get to show up in WorkFlowy – each of which have highly practical potential. I’m positive that more than one will pique your interest… Continue reading “Embed Google Docs, Mind Maps, YouTube Videos, Evernote Notes and More in WorkFlowy”

The Simplest (and Most Powerful) Way to Navigate WorkFlowy – Hands Down


About a quarter of a moon ago I happened upon this tweet by Lea Verou, a veritable rock star in the world of CSS:

This post is my response to Lea’s tweet… and then some.

I’ve put together a little video to showcase the incontestable speed and versatility of (1) Workflow Tags and (2) List Title Tags in getting to those far, far away lists, faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious… literally. You’ll see:

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