My WorkFlowy Book and Screencasts – to 2017 and Beyond

It’s been awesome blogging in this space weekly for just over a year now… and it feels like we’re only just getting warmed up.

I’ve just wrapped up the 2nd edition of my book, “Do Way, Way More in WorkFlowy.”… and with this forward momentum, I’m going to be creating a slew of WorkFlowy screencasts – which will basically be a more intuitive show and tell of WorkFlowy tips and workflows. You’re going to see many of those video clips in this space.

I’ve been inviting folk to sign up for an email newsletter where they’ll get occasional bite-sized WorkFlowy tips – and have the opportunity to shape the content of upcoming screencasts, as well as live “WorkFlowy Academy” webinars. You’re welcome to hop on board.

If you’ve purchased my WorkFlowy book at any point, you should already have a complimentary download link for the 2nd edition sitting in your inbox. If not, drop me a line: frankman777(at)gmail(dot)com.

Now to finish 2016 strong…

14 thoughts on “My WorkFlowy Book and Screencasts – to 2017 and Beyond

  1. Thanks for all you do Frank – and appreciate you looking after us early adopters by giving us a copy of this second edition. Great stuff!

    1. I guess I should start working on the 3rd edition now. I managed to squeeze in an extra 60 pages (only 30% of the material I wanted to cover) for the 2nd edition. But there’s always 2017 🙂

  2. Frank – thank you for the 2nd Edition. I’m looking forward to reading through it. Is there any way to distinguish the new from the old?

    1. Hey Tom, try from pg. 247 on… or on pg. 7 (last TOC page) you’ll get clickable bullets for all additional chapters:

      Also, you’ll see that all of the new sections include expressions with “Mind”, whereas with the 1st edition I used “Brain” in all of the section titles 🙂

  3. Delighted that you’ve kept your bargain, Frank. Thanks for all your work. I need to read it now!

  4. Thank you Frank for this free update for users of your first book! A mighty tool gets even better.

  5. Thanks for all your tips and posts! Here is my end of the year #1 request (or maybe you know a way to do this already?) I want to be able to drop one workflowy line (node) into another without having to open the second line. I move my items around often, and every time I have to “open” the area I’m moving items into. Thanks for listening 🙂

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