WorkFlowy Webinar #2 Throwback: Kanban 101 + a BRILLIANT Q&A with Jesse Patel, WorkFlowy co-founder


Yesterday’s webinar with Jesse Patel (WorkFlowy co-founder) was an exciting and informative one for anyone who’s been a WorkFlowy fan for… say, more than a week. WorkFlowy users put every question imaginable to Jesse as we talked about future development and WorkFlowy’s sustainability as a company. It was a huge highlight for tons of people. Oh – and there was a quick 5-minute “Kanban 101” presentation.



TIP: If you’d like to jump back and forth along the webinar timeline, just hit the YouTube logo bottom right. (Although you won’t see chat comments from WorkFlowy users).



Giveaway winners!

I used “Random Line Picker” with the list of webinar attendees to do a lucky draw. I’ll be emailing Chris, Heather, Roger and Joe with a complimentary copy of my WorkFlowy book… and Łukasz who’ll be getting a complimentary WorkFlowy Academy 36+ screencast package – basically a lifetime subscription to all of the screencasts I’ll ever produce.



WorkFlowy Slack group

Birds of a feather flock together. There’s now a Slack group up and running for those of the WorkFlowy feather (Pssst!…there’s a 500-member limit).



Give a WorkFlowy piece of yourself

During the webinar I made a call to action for people to send me screencasts of how they use WorkFlowy – especially in your diverse professions. A shared WorkFlowy list/ template would also be incredibly valuable to other users 😉



Next webinar

In just 2 weeks from now I’ll be delving into task management and prioritization in WorkFlowy. That’s a massive one! I’ll keep you posted!

Happy outlining!

Register for WorkFlowy Webinar #2 – Kanban 101


There was quite a turnout to the 1st WorkFlowy webinar of 2017 – just 2 weeks ago. Quite a crowd of WorkFlowy users who could not attend the live event were able to watch the replay. This meant that our Aussie friends didn’t have to be up at 3AM.

Go ahead and register for the January 26th webinar right away. It’s only 2 days away! Come and hang out with the WorkFlowy community  – people from scores of countries across the globe. There’s a lively live chat you can participate in and get your questions and thoughts across.

What’s on the cards?

1. A brief show and tell of how the dead-easy Kanban organizational principles play out in  WorkFlowy: it’s time to bring order to your projects’ chaos.

2. A Q&A with Jesse Patel, WorkFlowy co-founder! Show some love for his brilliant brainchild or bring a couple of your questions.

Webinar #2.gif

3. A giveaway of 4 of my WorkFlowy books and a lifetime WorkFlowy Academy 36+ screencast package.

When is it?

Thursday, January 26th at 11AM PST/ 7PM UTC. Click on the link to see the time in your neck of the woods.

More info. please!

– The webinar will run for 30 minutes. You can squeeze a Pomodoro in anywhere! Q&A will likely extend past that.

– There will be a replay… so be sure to register, even if you can’t attend the live event!

See you there!… and, once again…

Here’s your registration link!



First WorkFlowy Academy Webinar – Replay


The first WorkFlowy webinar just came and went… but you can follow the link below to watch the replay! I talked about structuring your WorkFlowy account… and navigating to your lists really quickly.

Almost 300 WorkFlowy users from scores of different countries showed up and posed an eclectic mix of questions in the Q&A in the latter part of the webinar.

If you watch the replay past the 35-minute mark, I’ll include you in an additional giveaway of 4 of my WorkFlowy books… and a WorkFlowy Academy 36+ screencast package.

Here’s your link! 

(The replay is expiring soon)

  • 00:00 – 00:02      |    Me wiping my mouth on my sleeve
  • 00:02 – 35:00       |    A WorkFlowy show and tell
  • 35:00 – 01:55:00  |    Q&A

2 quick polls

Here are the results of 2 quick polls I did during the webinar:


As we can see…

  • Half of the people who voted in the 1st poll have set up their WorkFlowy lists “totally organically”. Only 8% “don’t have enough lists yet to warrant organization.”
  • Just over half of the voters in the 2nd poll see “Putting (their) lists in the right place” as a bigger challenge than “Finding/ navigating to (their) lists easily”.

Here’s the link!

Register for the 1st WorkFlowy Webinar of 2017!


I have *free* biweekly WorkFlowy webinars in store for you this year – part of what I’m calling WorkFlowy Academy. Go ahead and register for the January 12th webinar right away. Even if you cannot attend live, I’ll mail you with a link to watch the replay at a better time. Continue reading “Register for the 1st WorkFlowy Webinar of 2017!”