WorkFlowy Webinar #2 Throwback: Kanban 101 + a BRILLIANT Q&A with Jesse Patel, WorkFlowy co-founder


Yesterday’s webinar with Jesse Patel (WorkFlowy co-founder) was an exciting and informative one for anyone who’s been a WorkFlowy fan for… say, more than a week. WorkFlowy users put every question imaginable to Jesse as we talked about future development and WorkFlowy’s sustainability as a company. It was a huge highlight for tons of people. Oh – and there was a quick 5-minute “Kanban 101” presentation.



TIP: If you’d like to jump back and forth along the webinar timeline, just hit the YouTube logo bottom right. (Although you won’t see chat comments from WorkFlowy users).



Giveaway winners!

I used “Random Line Picker” with the list of webinar attendees to do a lucky draw. I’ll be emailing Chris, Heather, Roger and Joe with a complimentary copy of my WorkFlowy book… and Łukasz who’ll be getting a complimentary WorkFlowy Academy 36+ screencast package – basically a lifetime subscription to all of the screencasts I’ll ever produce.



WorkFlowy Slack group

Birds of a feather flock together. There’s now a Slack group up and running for those of the WorkFlowy feather (Pssst!…there’s a 500-member limit).



Give a WorkFlowy piece of yourself

During the webinar I made a call to action for people to send me screencasts of how they use WorkFlowy – especially in your diverse professions. A shared WorkFlowy list/ template would also be incredibly valuable to other users 😉



Next webinar

In just 2 weeks from now I’ll be delving into task management and prioritization in WorkFlowy. That’s a massive one! I’ll keep you posted!

Happy outlining!

7 thoughts on “WorkFlowy Webinar #2 Throwback: Kanban 101 + a BRILLIANT Q&A with Jesse Patel, WorkFlowy co-founder

  1. Manual Task Management Challenge!

    Frank, your Webinar has inspired me to see if I can do without Todoist. While I use Workflowy intensively for my work, I still rely on Todoist to manage recurring tasks and a task inbox. In fact, most of my Workflowy projects were linked to a Todoist task, so I could set my schedule there.

    But then Todoist introduced Auto-Schedule, where it lets an algorithm schedule your tasks. They invested their development in this, rather than the basic function of manual sort which is still missing from their filtered view. Task management seems precisely the kind of process you don’t want automated. For me, it should help bring things to mind so we can sort priorities and task order.

    Workflowy is the ultimate manual tool. So I’ve set myself the challenge of seeing how much of Todoist I could transfer to Workflowy. Thus far, I’ve been able to get recurrent tasks into Workflowy by duplicating tasks based on a particular weekday. I’ll see what I can do for monthly recurrences. But I do see a big problem in using Workflowy to set reminders for one off deadlines.

    Sometimes it seems a mess, but you’ve encouraged me to persist.

  2. Hi Kevin, I’m glad you found some inspiration… although I don’t know if I’ve dealt specifically with task management in either of the webinars… but that is most certainly on the way for the next webinar 🙂

    I know you have my book… go and take another look at the Kanban Calendar, under “Prioritize your Brain”. Also, relatively recently I adopted what I’m calling the “Kanban Schedule”:

    To help with the Kanban Calendar dates, here’s another post with the “Forever Template”:

  3. Thanks for those links Frank. I associate Kanban with task management. I’m finding it quite good for keeping focus in Workflowy. But the way I use it is through shortcuts to elsewhere in the outline where the task is embedded. I prefer to keep the logical structure of sub-projects. One slight hitch with this is that the back link Alt-Left takes you up the present hierarchy, rather than to the previous location. I’m sure others will have found this issue.

    All that said, I still find it necessary to have Todoist for tasks that require reminders and odd tasks that don’t fit into the main projects. The look is also appealing. And I admire the politics of the CEO Founder.

    1. Yes… Alt+Left zooms you out and up the present hierarchy, as you say. What you need to do when wanting to navigate back (or forward again) is hit Alt… then hit Alt+Left/right… navigate your history then place your cursor wherever to edit if need be. Once done, hit Alt again, then Alt+Right/ Left. It it a billion times easier done than said.

  4. Kevin – I encountered the exact same issue.
    Workflowy is great for lists and planning, but not good when you need a reminder on a date. I found the following little script:

    For me, it’s solved the problem. I can use it for date tasks and reminders, making sure they don’t get lost in my lists, but still keeping everything organized and in the structure of projects and sub projects as you mention.

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