Register for the 3rd WorkFlowy Webinar on Task Management


UPDATE: The webinar scheduled for February 16th has been postponed to February 23rd. If you had previously registered for February 16th, please go ahead and re-register via the link below. 

The 3rd of our biweekly WorkFlowy Academy webinars will be 2 weeks from now!

We’ll have a demonstration of how to manage your tasks in WorkFlowy using the Kanban Calendar… and how to automate the creation of your calendar. 

See the registration link below…

Join the WorkFlowy community!

Go ahead and click on the link below to register (Even if you cannot attend live, I’ll mail you with a link to watch the replay at a better time):

Register now!

What’s on the cards?

  • Learn how a GTD tickler file eliminates constant list revisions
  • Get your recurring tasks under control
  • Understand what to do with time-sensitive events and date-specific tasks
  • Automate the creation of a WorkFlowy calendar
  • Learn the Kanban technique of pushing and pulling to focus on what needs doing today

Show me yours

I’d love to showcase how some of you are using the Kanban Calendar… so please send me some brief screencasts I can show to the WorkFlowy community during the webinar!


Thursday, February 23rd at 11AM PST/ 7PM UTC


Yes – as always! Register for the webinar and I’ll send you a link via email to catch up on what you missed out on.

How long?

30 minutes. Q&A will continue for an undetermined period of time 🙂

Voracious WorkFlowy

I’ve started releasing WorkFlowy Academy screencasts for those who’ve purchased a subscription – and will continue do so daily and weekly for the next year plus. Here’s a fun, geeky intro. to the module, “Organize Your Brain” (featuring myself on harmonica):

Register now!

Author: frank.dg

Author of the book, "Do Way, Way More in WorkFlowy", I blog on and for the WorkFlowy blog.

2 thoughts on “Register for the 3rd WorkFlowy Webinar on Task Management”

  1. Looks good. Not sure I can get it live on a train in India, but I’m curious to see how you address this challenge. I’m slowly weaning myself off Todoist, but I still find it indispensable for time-sensitive tasks that crop up outside the routine workflow.

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