WorkFlowy Webinar: Prioritizing Your To-Do’s in WorkFlowy – A Veritable Productivity Smörgåsbord


UPDATE: The scheduled webinar has been postponed to March 23rd, 11AM PST due to technical issues at the time of the webinar. You can go ahead and re-register with this link.

The 4th of our biweekly WorkFlowy Academy webinars is just around the corner. We’re taking the (productivity) bull by the horns and delving into several classic prioritization techniques. If there ever was a webinar not to be missed, this is the one! Martine Ellis from will also be joining us for a bit of lively banter.

Join us!

Go ahead and click on the link below to register (Even if you cannot attend live, I’ll mail you with a link to watch the replay at a better time).

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Thursday, March 16th at 11AM PST/ 7PM UTC


A heart-to-heart on prioritizing your to-do’s:

  • Learn how to “Eat That Frog!” according to Mark Twain
  • The 1-3-5 method
  • The Eisenhower Matrix basics
  • GTD “contexts”
  • Scheduling tasks in the “Kanban Schedule
  • Where do “Kanban“, The “Pomodoro Technique” and “Don’t break the chain!” fit in with prioritization?

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Any burning questions?

If there’s anything you’re needing to wrap your mind around regarding task prioritization, comment below and I’ll include it in the next webinar 🙂

See you soon!

25 thoughts on “WorkFlowy Webinar: Prioritizing Your To-Do’s in WorkFlowy – A Veritable Productivity Smörgåsbord

  1. 1 I have a question but it’s not about task prioritization. I’ve heard WorkFlowy be compared to a text editor; is the team’s goal to make WorkFlowy a full blown IDE?

    1. Hi @debrezion,

      A full-blown integrated development environment is a tad far-reaching. There are *tons* of developers, though, who use WorkFlowy to get their projects off the ground. WorkFlowy excels at organizing your data and thoughts… and, absolutely, for double-dog sure, WorkFlowy is the best text editor that I have ever used. I’m not talking about formatting… I’m talking about the seamless way of being able to rearrange and shuffle your writing until it makes the best sense.

      I don’t think you’ll find many WorkFlowy users who’d much care for WorkFlowy becoming an IDE… however, there is a pretty neat integration for Github’s Atom with WorkFlowy. You might want to take a look.

      1. I would love a rich text editor node/box that could convert to markdown on export. Evolving it to an IDE I feel is understimating the potential. Also, waiting for the webinar to start, hoping it wasn’t canceled… x{

      2. @00face Thanks for the comment. Sorry for webinar glitches. Not for any lack of preparation. Martine and I showed up, all psyched and ready to go… and, well… technology can be problematic… for you, myself and 600+ other registrants.

  2. I am trying to view the replay and it is just a grey screen with people chatting about technical difficulties. Was this webinar cancelled?

    1. Hi Matt,

      As you gathered, tech issues with the actual webinar platform itself. I was not able to fix the issue at the time. There will be a replay same time next week, though. I will email all who registered with the details.

      1. Many apologies! Martine and I will be back with you next week same time. I will contact everyone who registered with details!

    1. I guess on the basis that questions need to be manually approved (I think we’re looking at a couple of hours here). Not sure why WordPress sends some through automatically and others not. Sorry for the tech difficulties that I had with the webinar. The platform itself was acting up… so it’s been rescheduled to next week Thursday. I’ll post (and email) a new registration link.

  3. I was enjoying the dialogue on the YouTube recording between you and Martine then the screen went blank after the 54 minute mark. I suspect it might have a connection issue. I organise a lot of Google Hangouts on Air and know the frustration that can ensue when you are disconnected.

    That aside, I just wanted to write an encouraging note about Workflowy as an alternative to Evernote. While I will probably continue to use Evernote as an archive, I’ve become increasingly frustrated at their lack of response to ongoing formatting issues, particularly double spacing in their notes. For years users have been complaining about this and they have never responded. If only they kept formatting simple, like Workflowy.

    Todoist and Evernote have become obsessed in algorithms and connections with other apps. They have dropped the ball on user control. Your seminars show the rich potential of a platform that remains simple enough to allow for user development.

    I just hope for a better connection in the next one.

    1. Thanks Kevin… I’m looking into ironing out stuff with the Webinar platform on my end 🙂

  4. Thanks for your webinars, very inspiring.

    Didn’t you talk about a shared workflowy list for this webinar. I can’t find any link so far. Is there one?

    1. i forgot to check “Notify me of new comments via email.”. Now everything ‘s good 😀

  5. I’m slowly weaning myself off Todoist. For weekly tasks, I have now made a schedule for the week that I duplicate each week and then I can delete the tasks as I go.

    But there’s still nothing to replace the capacity for date specific tasks in Todoist. These are spread out across my projects, so I find it hard to collate into a tickler file as you have recommended.

    I recall someone made a script that would gather all the tags like #d2017-04-02 into a pop-up agenda. I’d like to give that another try but for the life of me I can’t remember where that was from.

    1. actually lacking of a date/time sensitive layer is the main missing weakness in WF, my two cents… any news?

    2. Hey Kevin – I think you’d also mentioned in another post that the WorkFlowy agenda script isn’t working for you any more.

      Just to note: I’ve not had any problem with it. That script still works fine for me. I’m using Tamper Monkey and Chrome on my PC. So, not sure what problem you’re encountering, but wanted to let you know it’s possible you could tweak your setup somehow and get it back. Good luck to you!

  6. Frank, I’d love to store my code snippets in WorkFlowy. They store just fine, but when I copy and paste back to my editor I lose the tabs and/or spaces. Do you know of a way to accomplish this with WorkFlowy?

    1. Alan, if you haven’t already figured it out, Frank is referring to notes specifically, not generally. If you hover over any bullet, there is an option for “Add Note.” This allows for new lines without new bullets.

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