Check Out This Free Course on Using WorkFlowy for Blogging


Update: This course is no longer taking new students

Got a cool email recently announcing this free course by Melany Sparks on how to use WorkFlowy to take your blogging to the next level.

Here’s the course description:

“Are you a new blogger? Overwhelmed by managing your blog on top of everything else in your life? Tired of sticky notes here and there — digitally and on paper? Losing promo opportunities because you can’t keep track of when to share your blog in various Facebook Groups? Maybe you’re losing your mind because there is so much to do and so much information!

What you need is an easy, organized, accessible way to keep track of content, promotion, resources, goals, and more. You need a list, but not just any list: A powerful list. That’s what WorkFlowy is. Learn how to optimize this simple, free online program/app to get your blog-life together and more.

Course is FREE and will include access to a comprehensive Blog Management Template, plus bonuses!”

So if you’re interested, sign up!



3 thoughts on “Check Out This Free Course on Using WorkFlowy for Blogging

  1. Hi, there,
    Course creator here. I’m closing enrollment for now. The course needs some improvements, and it’ll be a while before I have time to make them.
    Thanks for promoting it here, and thanks to all who’ve enrolled!
    Melanie S.

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