Windows Users: Try The New Installer for the WorkFlowy Desktop App

The WorkFlowy desktop app is almost ready to officially launch. However, we need people to test the new installer for Windows. The new installer is tiny to download, much faster to install, and works on older versions of Windows, so it should be better overall.  Please follow these instructions and we should be able to officially launch the desktop app in no time.

1) If you are already using the WorkFlowy Desktop App, uninstall it

2) Download the WorkFlowy Windows Installer

3) Click through all the warnings and install the app (Here’s what the warnings look like for Windows 7, and Windows 10)

4) Email if you have issues


Windows 10 Installation Process

  1. Download the installer file
  2. When file finishes downloading, click “Run”
  3. Windows will give you a big warning because the app is new and hasn’t been installed many times yet. To get around this, When you see the big blue window with the “Don’t Run” button, you have to click “More info” and then click “Run Anyway”.



Windows 7 Installation Process

Windows 7 gives a lot of warnings! Here are the steps

1) Download the installer file

2) Click “Run”d99cf2ac0e51fbc9f0e6c4356fe190c4_image202017-10-1220at203-38-0520pm

3) Click “Actions”


4) Click “More Options”image202017-10-1220at203-39-0720pm

5) Click “Run anyway”image202017-10-1220at203-40-2720pm

32 thoughts on “Windows Users: Try The New Installer for the WorkFlowy Desktop App

  1. Just installed, seamlessly, on Windows 8, with NO warnings, popups etc. When finished I received a login screen and after I logged in, the desktop app opened and is running without any issues. Kudos, WorkFlowy team…great job!

  2. Thanks Jesse. This time it worked like a charm. I have Windows 7 (I don’t have plans to install Windows 10 in the next 100 years). But the previous installer was impossible to install. This time it was a snap. Like dwalkercg said, no warnings, no nothing. Thanks!

    1. Yeah, stylish type stuff we want to bring natively into WorkFlowy, so hopefully that limitation won’t be too late.

      Chrome App is being discontinued (because Chrome is no longer supporting them). It is better in a lot of small ways than the Chrome app. A few examples: control+tab and command+tab work as expected to switch between things, you don’t have to have Chrome running while the app runs and the app doesn’t close when you close Chrome.

      In terms of the web app, it has full offline support, so you can work on an airplane, close the app, reopen it, all your stuff will still be there. And a lot of people just want a desktop app so they can quickly switch to it and just always have it be open.

  3. Windows 10. Installation worked as described (one warning), The app works well too. However, i’ll keep using WorkFlowy in a Firefox tab, that wokrs very well too and no extra 170 MB RAM required 🙂

  4. Hi Jesse

    Marvellous and dreamlike! As others opens great in windows 10 (1 warning) and as someone said, it seems faster than the web version. Keep up the great work Adrian

  5. Downloaded and installed onto Windows 10 with zero issues! Great job! However, since I heavily rely on Stylish/Stylus to format my tags and everything, I will be continuing to use chrome web browser. If you are able to allow us to apply Stylish/Stylus to the desktop app, I’d be using it all the time!

  6. Features!

    – Font Colors
    – Multiple independently searchable and stackable Windows
    – Allow removal of top bar like in fullscreen – allows us to glance at it on another screen whilst taking up as little
    space as possible – Lite mode
    – Minimize to Tray
    – Allow Always on Top
    – Open on Startup – save location like Sticky Notes does
    – Spell check – toggleable – with ignore/ add to dictionary options
    – Projects – able to save and load projects for different work sessions – multiple instances open at once

    I understand this post is about the new installer, and most of this has been mentioned before. I just wanted to add.

    Also installation worked flawlessly and I love your product.

  7. Desktop Workflowy is definitely in demand and appreciated step to evolve. However its size (170+ MiB) and the lack of portable option (i.e. when related data is kept inside the chosen folder without polluting the rest of the host system) ruins the impression. The former could be understood (“fine, let’s use that bulky Electron wrapper since it seems to be the fastest way to deliver web app”), but the latter really hurts, especially when portable Firefox fork (full-fledged browser with addons) takes less than 100 MiB. Looking forward to see the portable feature in the nearest future.

  8. Nice that there’s a new Workflowy desktop version.

    But I don’t really understand this post. From what I read, it seems that all what’s new is a new installer? That’s not something I want to uninstall and reinstall Workflowy for, especially when there’s a risk that the update might break something. I’m rather safe than sorry. 🙂

    So I think a changelog would be nice (now and in the future).

  9. The latest app version seems to be struggling with the multiple monitors on my Microsoft Surface. Launches in strange locations, even off screen completely.

  10. Worked like a champ! Looked everywhere for the version number and finally found in under “Add and Remove Programs”. Would be nice to make this available within the app. Great install experience here on Win 10.

  11. The installer downloads the .7z file, shows a progress bar for a while and then disappears. Does it mean it’s installed? The blue banner for the new installer is still there. How can I see a version?

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