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At WorkFlowy, we’re entering a new phase focused on improving the product at a much faster pace than we have in recent years. We don’t want to do this in a vacuum, though, just building stuff and hoping you’ll like it. We need your feedback to help us brainstorm ideas, decide what to work on and refine and develop the projects we do tackle.

To get this feedback, we are launching WorkFlowy Alpha, a group where users will give us feedback on new ideas when they’re still just sketches in notebooks, suggest new ideas to us and test the new stuff we’re actively working on before it is released to the general public. WorkFlowy Alpha users will also be able to toggle all the new features on and off, so if you hate something, you don’t have to use it. Essentially, by joining WorkFlowy Alpha, you’ll serve as our brainstorming group and test bed for new ideas.

How WorkFlowy Alpha will fit into your life

  • You’ll use WorkFlowy as usual
  • You’ll get in app messages alerting you of new ideas & features
  • You can toggle new features on and off based on how much you like them
  • You’ll have a variety of channels to communicate feedback and new ideas to us, including the /r/workflowy Reddit, emailing, blog comments and more
  • We’ll take your feedback seriously and it will influence the direction of the product

If you care about the future of WorkFlowy, join WorkFlowy Alpha.

53 thoughts on “Help Us Design WorkFlowy: Join WorkFlowy Alpha

  1. Hi, quick question: these features don’t work in the workflowy desktop / mobile app (macOS / iOS), do they?

    1. They work on desktop, but require a reload. To reload, you have to sign out and back in, we will be pushing a reload button into the app shortly.

      1. Should that include the Chrome App as well? I am not seeing the alpha features in that.


  2. I love Workflowy. So glad things are finally moving and it’s great that users can be a part of the process. First feedback: the zoom animation slows things down too much. I’d much rather have the speed.

  3. How about a highlight feature? Sometimes my lists get a bit busy, and the ability to highlight a few particular bullets would help me visually focus on the most important items.

  4. I am not interested in these updates.
    Enter key should start a new bullet, not split the line.
    Should be option to paste keeping all as one bullet.

    1. I actually like how that works because it’s more intuitive and feels right, since we’re all so much used with text editors.

  5. I must say this announcement makes me happy and scares me at the same time.

    I like progress and innovation. I also highly value stability, flexibility, and ease of use. And I love, love, love how lightweight Workflowy has been so far (still actively using it on a 10+ years old IBM Thinkpad).

    I do hope that this new push for innovation does not mean more bugs, less stability, and an overall heavier application (bandwidth and computing power).

    There is a competitor that has been innovating quite quickly, but they are not nearly as stable and reliable as Workflowy. Which is one of the main reasons I stayed with Workflowy. Impeccable reliability combined with wonderful simplicity and perfect sync (which still amazes me). I knew I could rely on it. Quite relevant considering I manage my whole life out of Workflowy.

    Not sure whether that would be feasible, but perhaps somewhere down the road the toggles for switching additional functionality on and off could be introduced for all users, not just alpha users. That way we could decide for ourselves how much of the new stuff we want.

    1. I concur with all of the above.

      With regards to “Alpha users”… your request is exactly what the alpha program is. You sign up for access to a checklist, and then you have to manually opt-in for each feature. You can toggle them to your heart’s delight.

    2. I’ve never even considered any competitor or even checked them, because I like Workflowy as it is so much.

  6. Not too interested in these features,
    but I just started using workflowy magic with tampermonkey, and the 2 features are very highly recommended
    1. lets’ you quickly do math in workflowy (if you’re on the run and want to keep track of how much money you’re spending for example)
    2. let’s you add images in workflowy (by including a url),
    and what i love is both of those features work in real time, so it doesn’t save images, or take up space, it just presents the photo or calculation WHEN you need it and then disappears from the note until you enter it again 🙂

    Also I agree that a highlight/color feature would be efficient – Thanks!

  7. First of all – Workflowy is incredible, thank You for Your work so far 🙂

    zoom is nice, but not really important – the best thing about workflowy is its simplicity, so I wouldn’t focus on visual optimalizations 🙂

    Diacritic insensitive search is awesome and was much needed, thank You.

    I think the most usefull development right now would be to show some love to mobile app – starting with starred pages support 🙂

  8. Sometimes for logging and meeting minutes I’d like to have ISO 8601 timestamps automatically added in a node below each node I enter (of course, with some toggle or preference to turn it on or off).

  9. Not interested the new feature, But thank you for your guys’s fabulous work
    1.Could you optimize the search ablitiy when chinese word with englihs words together,
    for instance: 测试test ,like that sentecne i can NOT get that when i search “test”
    2. you know ,workflowy has benn our life tool, could you add two-facor authentication to the accout?

  10. I’ve relied on WorkFlowy for years, and love it. A triumph of minimal, lean UI. My feature requests:
    1. A way to see all nodes being shared. Added bonus would be to see which are view only vs edit shares
    2. A way to view nodes by date added/edited. This would facilitate how a set of nodes have built up over time. It’s great there’s the last changed tooltip, and I’m aware there’s the option of email digests, but having this functionality in app would be tremendously helpful
    Thanks for all your efforts, keep up the great work!

    1. Hey Stephen,

      – To see all nodes being shared, search “is:shared”
      – To see all embedded lists (that others have shared with you), search “is:embedded”
      – Although not the sorting you want, in any context you can search for a handful of “last-changed:*” parameters

  11. Hey guys, going to check it out. Do you guys need any assistance with the overall look of the app? Credibility-wise, I’ve built a widely used style for the original app available on USO and would love to contribute to the real thing. I’m sure you guys have this all squared away in-house, but thought I would throw this out there. Thanks again for the wonderful app!

  12. Love workflowy, just turned on Alpha.
    I hadn’t realized, but I use Cmd+Shift+Left/Right a LOT to select an entire line of text. It’d be incredibly frustrating if there ever wasn’t an ability to turn that new shortcut off!

    Otherwise, excited for new features!

  13. Please add timer(or Pomodoro) at each bullet point..
    And i want to check it Chrome Extension Or Windows Taskbar notification OR Android+Android Wear

  14. Just enabled it now, not much performance difference (thankfully) but nothing to indicate the opt-in aside from perhaps, the reload button. Really like the idea of “diacritic insensitive search,” an obvious lifesaver for those it frequents..

    Still waiting on:
    1/ Strikethrough formatting for notes
    2/ Switch to search all workflowy – while preserving current search terms
    3/ Rename all of a tag – from a list of all tags? (the bookmarklet at has been broken since I needed it..)
    4/ Cycle through search results – maybe include result number
    5/ Hide the “+” button on a zoomed in, childless node
    6/ Fix for middleclick paste to not work on links – tagged, outgoing, etc
    7/ Lock node – for changes, read-only etc.

    Seconding the vote (here) on:
    1/ Insert date/time – maybe copypaste attached dates (modified/created) from node info?
    2/ View or sort nodes by date or name – preferably not permanent..
    3/ Toggling or switching all additional features on and off for all users.
    4/ Inline math – not so much calculated as displayed..
    5/ version history – google docs, draftin, diff..? Useful for shared editing nodes where otherwise, changes can be lost without being reviewed or approved by the list owner. The workaround is to add delete permissions to shared nodes but this feature would still be useful for, say, reviewing personal re-articulation history over time.

    Love, a longtime web user.

  15. Great to hear! I love workflowy.
    From the 4 suggested new features I like “Diacritic insensitive search “. And I think that it’s iOS and Android app that really needs improvements: at least an option to see starred pages and navigation improvements.

    Good luck workflowy team, and thank you

  16. Hi, after saving the 4 alpha features, i don’t get a “confirmation”. So you might want to add that so the user knows the signup for alpha is completed.

  17. I’ve had one feature I’m really hoping will be rolled out on the new version. I noticed that on the mobile version there is no undo – I’ve had moments where I made mistakes and was not able to undo/revert to original like when using the web version on my desktop. Is that something that is on the horizon? I’m using the app on Android. Also noticed when creating a new line it jumps back one space then carries the character over to the next line. Thank you for being open for feedback. Love workflowy and it especially its indexing search capabilities!

    1. Two other items I just thought of…not being able to access the favorite pages on the Android app (unless I missed it). Also the ability to select more than one line when copying or cutting on mobile.

  18. I am very excited to see things moving on Jesses side. I like the idea of the alpha audience very much, so that you can get instant feedback on new developments and UX/UI approaches.

    Looking forward to the new path of Workflowy and can’t wait to test everything.

    Keep up the good work. Your product is amazing.

  19. I love Workflowy and I must say this announcement makes me very happy.

    My feature requests:

    1. I want to upgrade to WorkFlowy Pro, but I would like to do it by paying only once, (you people set the price) and not by little paiments per month or per year.

    2. It would be nice to have the option to fully open all the nodes contained in the bullet I’m working on.

    I want to thank to WorkFlowy Team for the work so far, I have been using it for years and I love it!!

  20. As long as you don’t introduce some blinking or color changing thing that annoys the person who is trying to organize his thoughts… but seriously why is it that you need to have a button that changes color to indicate that the document is saved? Granted yours is not as disturbing as some other such things but what is the purpose of telling us that the document is saved since you are saving it almost real time? Except for this small thing I’ve been using WorkFlowy since I first saw it at HN years ago. Thanks.

  21. Help! Just turned on alpha yesterday and detected a bug…
    I’m using Workflowy on Microsoft Edge. Now whenever I type Chinese in the “note” section of a bullet point, the note contents just start to duplicate exponentially. The IME used was the system default Chinese IME of Windows 10.
    Pretty sure that this is a new bug. If you could take a look at it I’d appreciate so much.

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