2018 WorkFlowy RoadMap


Happy 2018 WorkFlowy users!  We’ve decided that it’s time to start sharing our thoughts on where we’re heading, and what we’re working on next. Here’s a summary of what we’re currently thinking so far for roughly the first eight months or so of 2018.

Big Picture Plans 

Our current plan is to work on the following parts of WorkFlowy, in the following order. We expect most of these projects to take between 1-3 months, but it’s hard to say, so we aren’t making specific time estimates. We recommend consuming the following with many grains of salt.

  • Mobile App Redesign (In progress)
    • Why? This is one of the areas where our product is weakest, and it is the top complaint from new users. Having a terrible mobile app (yes, our current mobile app is terrible) is also untenable for a software company in 2018. Or 2014 for that matter 🙂
    • Note: The mobile app redesign is in progress and pretty far along. We are testing the first versions with small groups of users now, and will be testing with Alpha users in the weeks to come. If you want test the new mobile app before it is released to the public, just join WorkFlowy Alpha!
  • Bringing Improvements from Mobile to Desktop/Web
    • Why? We’re doing a bunch of things on mobile that will also be welcome on desktop, like a quick add button linked to a location of your choice (and inbox type feature for those in GTD land), better starred views navigation,  and a visual overhaul to make the whole app look more modern and attractive.
  • Teams and Collaboration Improvements
    • Why? Right now you can share in WorkFlowy and content will sync between users and devices. But you won’t know what other people are doing, and they won’t know what you are doing. You won’t be able to get their attention if you want to, and you’ll both probably move onto another tool for your collaboration needs, even if you prefer the way WorkFlowy organizes information. Fixing this situation is one of our top strategic priorities, both for growth and revenue, so we’re going to plug away on it.
  • Dates & Reminders
    • Why? This is the top feature request (alongside mobile improvements) from existing WorkFlowy users. We simply need to do it.

We do have rough plans beyond this as well, but we’ll just share this for now, because we expect things to change as we work, get feedback, continue to figure things out.

Onward And Upward

We are excited for the new momentum we feel at WorkFlowy and we hope you will soon have new and improved experiences to enjoy.

Note: This post is part of an attempt to communicate better with our dedicated users. Please don’t punish us for our transparency. We welcome critical feedback on this and everything, but just remember to be kind when you give it. If you are frustrated, just remember that we are trying really hard and that harsh words genuinely sting.

229 thoughts on “2018 WorkFlowy RoadMap

  1. Hello Jesse,
    Many thanks for your application, and you vision of resolving this issue in easy way. Your app is very helpful.

  2. I really miss the feature of (batch) tag renaming. Sometimes you don’t follow your own rules because you rush to write down something. Later on, you end up with some multiple tags that are misspelled or ugly and the only solution is to edit them one by one. So it would be cool if we could edit all instances of tags by editing it in only one place. If the collision occurs WF could ask if we want to merge two tags into one.

    (This problem was also caused by lack of tag autocompletion in mobile app)

  3. Second to Workflowy browser ext. (i.e select text, press a button which sends it to Workflowy which you can review and sort later).

  4. Thanks for the post it’s very interesting and I’m glad you guys are sharing this. Quick question: are there plans to make password protected nodes? I asked this some time ago and the answer was that it’s a commonly requested feature and would be implemented eventually, so any plans for it?

    Again thanks for the info,


  5. Nice!
    I just recently started attributing dates as tags to the tasks, this way I can always open the tag of today and find out what I`ll have to do today.
    What’s a little problematic, cause there’s not a way to do a @today tag. Really looking forward for the date feature!

    I have a doubt, by the way, does workflowy has an api? Or source code in github?

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