WorkFlowy’s New Mobile App For iOS is Live!


For the last few months we’ve been hard at work on the WorkFlowy mobile app. Today, we’re happy to release the first version of the updated WorkFlowy iOS app. This is a major improvement on the old app, and we’re excited for you to try it.


  • Visual refresh gives the app a modern feel
  • Fixes dozens of longstanding bugs and quirks
  • The blue ‘+’ button allows you to easily add new items to the top of the current list
  • Revamps navigation, making it easier for you to get around
    • Back button
    • Breadcrumbs that stay at the top of the page
    • Home button
    • The ‘Star’ menu gives you quick access to bookmarked lists, and lets you instantly add to any of them
    • Instant access to search
  • You can undo or redo changes using buttons under the ‘…’ menu.
  • You can now swipe any item from left to right to mark it completed
  • Edit controls have moved above the keyboard for improved one-hand usage

What’s next?

  • Bringing all of these changes to Android
  • Improving and polishing the app based on your feedback
  • Bringing more of the functionality from the desktop app into the mobile app, including:
    • Sharing
    • Duplicating
    • Improvements for @tags and #tags, like auto-complete and quick filters
    • External keyboard support

Where to give feedback?

If you try the app and want to tells us what could be better, we’ve created a section of our support site where you can submit your feedback and vote on other people’s suggestions.

We hope you love the new app, and we’re excited to keep improving it.

106 thoughts on “WorkFlowy’s New Mobile App For iOS is Live!

  1. Congrats on the fresh look and added features :-). It’s quite a mission, though, to add lists to the bottom of any outline… unless you go place your cursor in the last list first and hit Enter. I personally never add new lists to the top of an outline.

      1. Someone suggested that this be a configurable option… and then long pressing on the big blue plus would do the opposite of the default. So tap to add to the top of a list… long press to add to the bottom (or vice-versa).

      2. That someone sounds brilliant! 🙂 Personally, if they don’t want to add an option, I think the default should be the bottom (just by virtue of the button’s bottom position) and then hold creates top bullets.

      3. for me it´s the other way round. I like to add lists on top – especially for my GTD-Inbox. So for me an configurable option would be best

      4. It makes sense for those of us that use WorkFlowy for todo management. Most recently added task should show up on top (especially on a tiny screen such as iPhone), so it can be seen without having to scroll to the bottom of the list.

      5. Right now, long pressing on the plus button offers the option to either “save image” or “copy”. I also would prefer bottom short, top long.

      6. how about you make the + button “swipeable” or ‘dragable”?
        you swipe it up to add to the top
        you swipe it down to add to the bottom of the list
        tapping will repeat your last action (i.e. will add to the top or the bottom.)

      7. For me I all ways add things to the top. The bottom of my lists are… well, it’s a graveyard. 🙂

    1. I personally always add new items to the top of a list. It makes sense for todo management. I want to see the most recently added items on the top, as they are more likely to be relevant than those added in the past, which thus get pushed to the bottom. Otherwise one would have to scroll to the bottom to see the most recently added items every time, for every list. This is the same principle as let’s say Google Drive’s Recent category, which opens by default, as do many other file storage and management applications. So I imagine this depends on what you tend to use WorkFlowy for. If it’s for task management, this is perfect default behaviour; if it is for writing and outlining, then I can understand that you’d want it to work the other way round. Yes, it would be nice to have this as customisable, though I suspect that on iPhones more people are likely to be using WorkFlowy for task management than for writing or outlining long pieces. Maybe there could be different behaviour for iPhone/iPod Touch vs. iPad (which might be more likely to be used for writing)?

      1. I think this thread is evidence enough. The Plus Button needs a primary action and a secondary hold action… and let the user define which is which, via a simple checkbox in settings.

    2. Agreed. Would prefer the app to have an option in setting with being able to configure add to bottom by default. Then 3D touch/long press if I ever wanted to add to top.

    3. Just for what it’s worth – I am grateful the + button adds the new item to the top of the current list. That is how I work and I just noticed today that I am using it that way after having read this thread earlier. Not having the new item appear at the top would render the + button essentially useless for me.

  2. Looks nice – congrats. Swipe for completion is great. How about a swipe from right to left to delete a list? I delete often and a one click / swipe would be great.

    1. I delete more than I complete. There are so many items that I never want to use again. So I agree.

      1. I just want an easy / quick delete in iOS. I’ve been asking for it for years. Like you folks, above, I’d delete much more than I’d complete (I don’t use workflowy, anymore, because they just refuse to provide an elegant delete item / list feature), I don’t understand why they won’t implement a delete, it’s really frustrating … or, was, before I moved on.

  3. Love the new version! Working great on the IPad so far, and much easier to navigate.

    1. For now if you tap on the (+) next to a starred item it will queue up adding an item immediately to that list. In the alpha briefly there was a dedicated “inbox” type thing but they backed off that to enhance the starred items. It could return, but you’d have to ask them 🙂

  4. The work on this is greatly appreciated – have had to use mobile more often of late and had to use other apps to fill the gap – much prefer workflowy – it most accurately reflects how my brain works

  5. Hallelujah! Thank you! I have been a premium user for a year because I believe in the product and I wanted to support it, but I spend most of my time on mobile, so for me this is a WorkFlowy launch! Godspeed Jesse and all the WorkFlowy team! Thank you for he advances and keeping in touch with your users.

    1. I agree. I also spend a lot of time on mobile. I recently switched from an Iphone 4 to an Iphone 8 with iOS 10, and I think my ability to now use this new Workflowy mobile app alone justified the switch. I think the app is great.

  6. Great work, team! I am so excited to try this. I am in workflowy for 6+ hours per day, but have felt so limited with the mobile experience all along. It works for short notes, but anything else was cumbersome. I can already see this being far more comfortable and usable, and I am proud of how well you’ve listened to your audience and your recent efforts to really improve your offerings.

    My feedback so far mirrors what others have said above.

    – I’ve never once added an item to the top of a list, so the + button right now is kind of annoying. There should be a toggle in Settings for the default behaviour: add to bottom or ad to top. Long-hold seems fine for reversing the default, though I wonder if you want to reserve the long-hold for something else that could be more meaningful. There’s always 3D Touch too.

    – Swiping to delete would also be very powerful. It can literally take minutes and minutes of pressing Backspace to delete complicated branches otherwise. Instead my kludge has been to tag an item #delete and wait until I am on a computer. With swipe-to-delete just make sure it can be undone!! Maybe a Y/N confirmation prompt. Dangerous otherwise.

    I hope that’s helpful input! Happy to share more, as I try this further.

    Happy list making everyone! Man, I love this product. <3

    1. Delete will definitely be added, and we’ll have to figure out the right default for the plus button, and probably add a setting

  7. I love the new update, this is something that we wait for so long. Please redesign the icon too.. make it more modern maybe more flat or something, so it would be awesome on our iOS Screen. Thanks for the new update! I love Workflowy!

    1. Awesome! Just my two cents: I think the almost-teal blue theme color makes the app look dingy and less than modern… I imagine you might be trying to avoid looking just like Twitter and Facebook and every other blue themed site out there, but perhaps you could swing from the green side of blue to the purple side? Like the purple-blue color you used to use for a shared bullet, but perhaps with a pinch less red hue? I love graphic design and I feel that color has a much more modern aesthetic to it. Just my thoughts, and I’m not complaining- thanks so much for all the incredible features you’ve added!

  8. Hi Jesse

    You just ruined my beautiful WF life.
    I do no give a damm about the modern interface… (I liked the other better…)
    The colors are distracting…
    The size of the letter is too big for me… I need a bigger view…so a smaller letter type…!
    When I try to look for a date “18/03/20” it doesn’t work… the numbers just vanish after typing 2 or 3…
    Now there is something wrong with this update…!!!
    I salvaged my work today because I manage to use a android device as the IOs tablet would not allow me to do my job.
    If it is to go on like that I’ll have to give up my fav app… or you tell me a way to load the previous version…
    Please help…!



    1. You can’t please everyone, especially when it comes to re-designs. However, I have to agree. I’m just not a fan of the larger font size. Also, while the overall re-design is aesthetically attractive, there’s something distracting about it (I have more trouble focusing on what I’m looking for).

      I’d like some control over the size of the font. This may seem insignificant to some, but it is enough of an issue to me that I’m considering moving over to another tool …(and I’m a long time loyal / paid user with WorkFlowy). I really don’t want to leave WorkFlowy, it’s been my surrogate “brain” for years.

      1. Yeah, I think the colors are distracting and the bigger typeface and line spacing reduce the “bird’s eye vision” I look for…
        I had a pped at Dynalist but my brain just don’t work with it (and others).
        Definetely WF is THE APP!!!… and I just feel sick thinking I would have to change.
        I love Jesse’s work and it is really the major tool both in private and work life.

      1. Now with the fix everything seems to be working properly…!
        I still hate that blue button…at least make it grey and semi-transparent…
        The change of the bar (search and so on) gets in the way…
        The letters too big and the spacing too does not prevent WORK…but turns it less FLOWY…!

  9. Even though I am in the Alpha program (and mostly use WorkFlowy mobile) I wasn’t “invited” to the alpha mobile “program” (which I was waiting for); is it still active, for testing/betas, etc?

    1. Yes, it is. We have been just getting detailed feedback from small groups. We are working through the invite list.

      1. do you guys have a Telegram group chat where you discuss new features and design decisions?
        i think that would help you build a great product and strengthen the community a lot!

  10. Hi Jesse

    I tried to reproduce the “malfunction” and I couldn’t…neither in the small iPad nor in the big, with or without keyboard… online and offline (like I was rthis morning…)
    I hope everything is alright now… I do not know what happened but I could not perform my work on iOs
    Scared to death to say the least as WF is my fav app since long…!
    Sorry for the trouble (I sware I never got drunk nor smoked anything weard…)

    Keep well and thanks



  11. This is absolutely great news. I’ve been looking forward to it for years. Thanks so much!

  12. Thank you. I’ve left feedback and suggestions elsewhere and will continue to, but right now I just want to thank you guys for all your hard work. Looking forward to more awesome updates in the future. Keep it up!

  13. Nice progress! I see that this upgrade has just been applied to the mobile web too. The internal Workflowy links seem to be not working there now but I hope this is only temporary. Keep up!

  14. I’ve been wondering how you were going to bring true WorkFlowy awesomeness to the mobile app. Now I know. Thanks a ton!

  15. 100% Love. I like the + to the Starred Lists. Smart. And I can get rid of the KB with ease now. I am going to pop and go PRO or Premium etc now. Thank you. –

  16. Great work Jesse, Jacob and co – feels really slick and its great to see some long standing quirks sorted. I’ve noticed a slight bug with longer list items, where the screen doesn’t scroll down as you type (iPhone SE).

    Also, any chance of multi-item select, where if you select all the text of one list item and drag down/up, it also selects the next list item/s?

    1. I love WF because it is easy to add and rearrange a list plus add as much in notes as you like. On the iPhone the font was small so you could see a lot on the screen at once, which is not the case with most apps and made the app better in my humble opinion. Suddenly yesterday that was all changed. The most annoying thing however, is that in the Note section you can not see what you are typing unless it is at the top of the phone screen! Please fix that! I don’t care about colors or what the icon looks like or that stuff, but if I can’t see what I am doing on the phone screen, the app is worthless. Please fix because I have loved using the app.

  17. Thanks so much for this! One small nit: on iphone x, it’d look nicer if the color of the tab bar matches the space around the home bar.

  18. Nice update, feels very sleek and great to see things happening! My only complain would be font size that was increased dramatically and makes most of my 3-4 level nested lists unusable.

  19. Overall, this is a significant improvement from the previous app. I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ll see regular and frequent updates to the app, particularly with respect to the features mentioned on the timeline.

    As for this update, the biggest issues are the blue button add things to the top of the list, rather than bottom, and the quick delete issue. But those are already discussed.

    My other suggestions all relate to speed and ease of use of the app.

    1. Global search. When you’ve drilled down into a list and search, it searches within that list, which is great. But if you want to search for that word globally, you have to first go back to Home and then hit search again. It would be great if when searched for the word, the app would give you the option of searching that specific list or your entire Workflowy account. I guess this issue exists on the web and desktop versions too, but is particularly problematic on mobile given the difficulty of typing vs on a computer

    2. The autocompletion of tags mentioned above. Without autocomplete, adding tags on Workflowy mobile is not very useful. So hopefully this will be a priority.

    3. Force touch, lock screen, etc. Basically, some way to quickly enter and start a note or search for something in Workflowy. This would greatly speed up Workflow. I realize that this wouldn’t be an immediate addition, but I’m mentioning it for something that would be great to see down the road.

  20. I’ve been using Workflowy for the past 2 years for everything in my life: Health, Personal Planning, Notes, Drafts, Projects, Side project — you name it! Ditched Todoist, Wunderlist and all the other apps…
    I’ve invited over 5+ people to it and been raving about it like crazy. I use and love Workflowy that much.

    What I loved about Workflowy (on both Desktop and Mobile) — it’s just content and UI does not stand in the way. And I can do everything just with my keyboard.

    😡The bad:
    I just downloaded the updated version for iOS. I’m started to worry you guys are going in the wrong direction. Because you are adding more UI that’s blocking content.
    1. I *HATE* the large colored + button in the bottom right. It draws my attention away from my list to the button. Make it grey and transparent? Remove it completely? Please!
    I’ve been entering new items to my lists for years just with an enter key (on mobile ofc) And always had total control over whether to add the item to the top of the list or to the bottom…
    2. I hate bottom navigation bar a bit less, but it still takes away space from content. Namely: I never use stared pages. Home button — always been navigating back home with top navigation buttons. Same goes for the search button. The only “kinda nice” thing is the “settings” button on the bottom right — can easily access Show Completed, Undo, Redo buttons.

    The good:
    I like that lists feel a bit more “native” to iOS, more line spacing. And that’s it.

    Bottom line:
    Please remove + button at all!
    And move functionality of the bottom nav bar to the top bar.
    Please don’t let UI stand in front of the content.

    Happy to provide more comments!
    I love Workflowy and will be very sad if it goes sideways…

    1. I’d support this – what workflowy does so well is keep it simple. For me the more you can do to hide the UI the better. Screen space should be all about the content. I personally never use the star feature, unsure of the value there. Font sizes look better. Overall big improvement!

      1. I also prefer the older GUI… and I’m having problems with this update…I can’t do my work with it!

  21. Congrats!! I like the new look of the app. I especially love the “add button”. I would expect to see if there is a 3d touch menu item or a widget to have quick access to the “add button”, which makes “collecting” of GTD much more convenient.

  22. It happened again…
    When I try to do a search (in my case today’s date) if I do not press the return button VERY quickly the numbers disappear…
    When editing a note the “extras bar” gets in the way and I can’t partialy see what I am writing…!
    WF allowed me to work in a quick and fluid way…flowing… ! Now I struggle at every corner…
    Perhaps I have to use my android tablet to manage my work…
    For me this update is a step backward as I can’t make it work properly!
    Jesse, please do something!


      1. I work off-line, so it won’t work…
        I’ve better use a android pad or, as today, I used my Mac

  23. Great, wonderful, long overdue update for the mobile app. Thank goodness for the starred-list navigation. Mobile interface requirements are different to desktop and it is good to see that recognised, without ruining the simplicity. I second the previous comments around easier deleting (please!) and would like to see some quick-add functionality from outside the app, either via a callback-url scheme (preferable) or using native iOS sharing.

  24. I put together some quick mockup screens, with some redesign suggestions or concepts, based primarily off of my own frustrations with the new iOS app design. It’s quite possible that some (or many) users may not agree with these ideas, but feel free to take a look & give feedback:

    Also, on a separate note, I’m a pretty heavy duty premium WF user (I literally have my entire life crammed into countless lists within this platform) – so, I’m sure there are a lot of users whom aren’t experiencing anything similar to my next comment. However, I’ve been experiencing some MAJOR loading delays since using this new app. Loading wait times that sometimes have taken upwards of 50-60 seconds.

    I could live with that if it was a once a day thing. Such as, if I was to open my WF app, it takes a minute to load & then so long as I keep my app open on my phone throughout the day, in a perfect scenario there’d be little to no need to keep reloading (maybe just some background loading).

    However, the app reloads literally every time I touch it. For example, if I have it open & I switch over to literally any app (just for a minute) to check something, once I come back to WF, it reloads again. That’s really, really frustrating considering the length of time it takes to load. Any fixes on the very near horizon for this?

    1. – I love that you removed bottom navigation.
      – Love the white + button — it does not draw insane about attention as the current, colored one.
      – extended over-the-keyboard menu looks good —
      – top nav menu is great — i’d simplify it even further and remove the 1px horizontal divider line.
      – “Drag & Drop the ‘+’ Button” is an interesting solution… worth experimenting with.


      1. Thanks Ksaitor, that’s actually a good idea to remove the 1 pixel horizontal divider line. That would clean things up even further :+1:.

    2. Thanks for the ideas and posts. Hrm, re the loading delays, that is bad. Will review our support to see if this is a common issue

      1. Jesse, I think I solved my loading issue. I had opened WorkFlowy in a safari tab on my iPhone, while also having the app open, to compare performance & UI / UX layout preferences. I had completely forgotten that the safari tab was still open while I was experiencing those loading issues. As soon as I closed it today the app has been working seamlessly. So, in case you encounter someone with a similar issue in the future, maybe ask them if they have WF open in both their app & safari at the same time. Doh!

    3. have seen the drag and drop for adding in other apps and it works a treat – another possible solution is to look at using the various gestures that iOS uses such as ‘un-pinching’ to create a new line between nodes or pinching to collapse lists.

      like the suggested form factor on the UI – looks great!

  25. This morning on my iPad the new WF seems to be having problems (worked great as late as last evening). It now tries to start and the logo blinks on and off but my bullets never appear. I’ve left it running like this for over 10-15 min and it remains in this semi-challenged start up mode. I have re-started the app a few times and that doesn’t help. Anyone else having similar issues?

    1. I restarted the iPad and it is still doing the same thing. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact I have a large number of nodes (58,000+).

      1. I had somewhat similar issues, until I realized that it was being caused by having multiple instances of WorkFlowy open at the same time. For example, if you have WorkFlowy open in Safari on iOS or open on your computer at the same time that you are using the app, it “might” be the issue.

  26. Expand collapse all does not seem to be available on the new ios app

    The loading could be quicker

  27. Very well made, but please add a scalable font (Large, medium, small would be enough).


  28. Although the changes are in general positive, a realised that in the online version for mobiles, the url of the bullet does not appear anymore. So you cannot copy this url to paste it as a link, as you could before.
    It doesn´t matter in what bullet you are, you only can see the url
    Furthermore, when you press in your mobile the option “back” it kicks you out of Workflowy.

    Personally, I thing the option to copy-paste the url of any bullet was the most powerful tool of Workflowy.
    I feel genuinely worry you have the intention to do the same thing with the rest of versions, including the PC one.
    Please, don´t.

  29. What about setting up Keyboard Shortcuts for the iPad Pro’s external Smart Keyboard? I think that would be amazing!

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