WorkFlowy’s New Mobile App For iOS is Live!


For the last few months we’ve been hard at work on the WorkFlowy mobile app. Today, we’re happy to release the first version of the updated WorkFlowy iOS app. This is a major improvement on the old app, and we’re excited for you to try it.


  • Visual refresh gives the app a modern feel
  • Fixes dozens of longstanding bugs and quirks
  • The blue ‘+’ button allows you to easily add new items to the top of the current list
  • Revamps navigation, making it easier for you to get around
    • Back button
    • Breadcrumbs that stay at the top of the page
    • Home button
    • The ‘Star’ menu gives you quick access to bookmarked lists, and lets you instantly add to any of them
    • Instant access to search
  • You can undo or redo changes using buttons under the ‘…’ menu.
  • You can now swipe any item from left to right to mark it completed
  • Edit controls have moved above the keyboard for improved one-hand usage

What’s next?

  • Bringing all of these changes to Android
  • Improving and polishing the app based on your feedback
  • Bringing more of the functionality from the desktop app into the mobile app, including:
    • Sharing
    • Duplicating
    • Improvements for @tags and #tags, like auto-complete and quick filters
    • External keyboard support

Where to give feedback?

If you try the app and want to tells us what could be better, we’ve created a section of our support site where you can submit your feedback and vote on other people’s suggestions.

We hope you love the new app, and we’re excited to keep improving it.

106 thoughts on “WorkFlowy’s New Mobile App For iOS is Live!

  1. love the new app, can you re-organize the items on a list by 3d touch or some other option or is that not supported?

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