Francesco Cirillo’s “Pomodoro Technique” – in WorkFlowy



All of us can benefit from the concept of timeboxing – the dynamic of breaking our workflow down into bite-size blocks of time. Some of the benefits we tap into: added focus, increased mental agility and perspective. For me, the Pomodoro Technique has been a way to “steal” blocks of time here and there… to salvage productivity out of today’s chaos. And recording our Pomodori in WorkFlowy makes it that much sweeter. Here’s a video:

The above screencast is part of the “Prioritize Your Brain” module at the WorkFlowy Academy, where I run the gauntlet of productivity methods and concepts – illustrating step by step  how they might find their incarnation in WorkFlowy.

7 thoughts on “Francesco Cirillo’s “Pomodoro Technique” – in WorkFlowy

    1. The braille characters are my attempt at minimalism. Each braille character is the initial of one of my main lists (Reference Material, Projects, etc.) Since my home page (much like everyone else) is my central reference, I have my task section expanded with only those tasks I’m currently working on in real time or need to keep uppermost in mind… and I wanted the only “readable” text to be those tasks.

      The concept (my idea at least) is similar to that of the “Lorem Ipsum” filler text… where the mind is not distracted by the example text because it is for all intents and purposes unreadable to most, being a random mix of Latin phrases. Even though I now know what the braille characters mean, it’s not all at once intuitive to me. The only thing that registers in my brain are my workflow tags at the top of my page and any tasks I might have expanded in my “Workspace” outline.

      No getting distracted for me and tempted into going down any rabbit holes as my eyes inadvertently rest on words in the titles of my main lists… because there are none. I’ve played around with Greek characters too… but I settled for the braille. It helps me to “feel” my way around 😉

      1. Yep. Pretty much. Play around with emojis, Unicode characters… get a feel for it and stick with what works for you. I’m not a huge fan of colorful icons. I find them distracting. Intuitive, yet distracting. I know exactly where my main lists are anyways… and if you’re using one tool or another to navigate around (perhaps WF+), you’ll find that accessing specific outlines via top-level, home-page lists will pretty much be a non event… i.e. you won’t zoom into your top-level lists anyways because there are other ways to go places. At the end of the day, it boils down to as simple and minimalistic a home-screen setup as I can personally concoct. I guess any weird and whacky system makes the most sense to the person who’s using it.

  1. sorry for my blank question. I just watched your youtube. I am so eager to know how to make those blokes of 25 min.. are you able to send me some instructions or links to create block when you type #bk?.

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