We Bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 (and Fixed WorkFlowy Thereon)


We got a host of reports from WorkFlowy fans running the new app on their Samsung S8 phones that the keyboard wasn’t working properly. We had previously tested the app on the Android Simulator, my Google Pixel 2, and this crazy service that Samsung offers where they have real phones in the cloud you can connect to and test on in real time (but only S7 and below are available), but unfortunately didn’t fix this problem before releasing.

That’s how I ended up rushing out to Best Buy this morning and buying a new (WorkFlowy Blue) Samsung Galaxy S8.

I’m happy to report that we were able to reproduce, diagnose, and fix the issue and there is an update out there as of about an hour ago (v2.1.3).

While we are here, I would like to let you know about a nice usability improvement we released late last week, related to editing notes in the mobile app. Previously some of you reported that editing long notes was difficult because the note would collapse when you scrolled. Now long notes will stay open until you navigate away from the page or manually close them.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 1.47.54 PM

Thanks again for the overwhelming positive response to the new mobile apps, and we appreciate all the constructive feedback, bug reports, and feature requests. Keep them coming on our customer forum: https://workflowy.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/360000008743-New-Mobile-App-Feedback

If you haven’t gone to the Apple or Play stores and given us a review, we would love if you could do that (5 stars would be greatly appreciated, but only if deserved).

12 thoughts on “We Bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 (and Fixed WorkFlowy Thereon)

  1. I am not an Android user but I wanted to let you know that the ongoing updates on development are awesome. Thanks for the extra effort to keep everyone informed. Kudos.

  2. Hi Jacob,

    I am a dedicated Workflowy user and I think your product is incredible. In fact, just today I exported my entire account and discovered I have over 36,000 words in there! I am also loving the new features.

    Currently on my phone I am using an app called HandyFlowy that runs Workflowy within it because it has few great features that Workflowy does not have yet. The one I can’t live without and want to ask about, is basically an automated date entry that I use to track my run every day. Basically I click a button, and it enters the current day’s date in a format I have specified. Then, the next day when the button is clicked, it shows that day’s current date.

    Here’s a photo of the button and what it produces. When will something like this exist on Workflowy? Because I would much rather use your guys’ app!

    Thanks! Craig Smith

  3. blackberry keyone have that problem also, but it seems to be fixed after update.
    great job!

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