5 WorkFlowy Setups for Creators

Jeff Eisley, has put together a fantastic WorkFlowy show-and-tell for creators – from writers to cinematographers and everyone in between. 

Here’s a breakdown of the video:

  1. [0:20 – 1:42] “Infinite Zoom” – Character development in screenplays and book writing.
  2. [1:42 – 4:08] “Messy Room, Messy Tags” – Inputting technical data for filming ideas on the fly and enlisting tags for later categorization.
  3. [4:08 – 5:13] “Conveyor Belt” – The list equivalent of a Kanban board which helps to move your ideas forward while giving you a big-picture overview. The example showcases music projects.
  4. [5:13 – 6:36] “Getting Things Done” – A different way to categorize tasks via “context“, “area” and “project” tags à la GTD.
  5. [6:36 – 7:34] “Templates” – A hassle-free way to repeat ideas and projects without having to reinvent the wheel.

You can  connect with Jeff on Twitter: @jeffeisley

Jeff’s YouTube Channel: 

4 thoughts on “5 WorkFlowy Setups for Creators

  1. That was pretty cool. I have been using WorkFlowy on and off for years, each time trying to see if I can get it to be my one powerful app for everything. (I know that’s greedy, but it is always my goal.) I actually do write and create animated network TV shows and I like getting a refresher on some simple ways to marry outlines with tags. I have to admit I was a bit stymied as to why you put every next elements in a story description as another indented level, but I’m sure you had your reasons. I just like to know what they are.

    Like thousands of other folks out there, I am waiting to make the shift back to workflowy once I can easily manage do dates and simple attachments.

    Nice going.

    1. Hi Tom, I think Jeff was going for illustration of some effective productivity techniques as opposed to a fully-fledged solution for story writing as such. There are so many ways that things can play out in WorkFlowy. You could, however, reach out to Jeff via Twitter or comment directly on YouTube. That is likely to get his attention.

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