Dr. WorkFlowy Recalibrates Your Life – A Template for the Tough Questions


“This post is all about a simple list of questions that will help you take stock of and recalibrate your life.”

For years I’ve invited WorkFlowy into the inner workings of my mind and just laid it all out. Outlining has a way of (literally) getting to the bottom of things – no matter how deep or shallow [your lists are].

A while back I wrote this post on how WorkFlowy helps dissect stress and anxiety. It was all about pinpointing and putting into perspective the 101 things that compete for our attention daily – and surfacing our priorities.

So we get on with the stuff of life… and sometimes we get tunnel vision – focusing on one priority to the exclusion of all else. It might be a worthwhile project. It might even just amount to workaholism. Simply knowing what our priorit(ies) are is not enough to get to that balance. We need to ask the right questions to spur ourselves to action. So this post is all about a simple list of questions that will help you take stock of and recalibrate your life – to restore balance.

Click here for the shared list template

What we have is a list of questions. Simple, straightforward questions. And the idea is that any goal you want to achieve, any change you want to bring about in your life or any habit you want to form – you run that area of your life through the list of questions laid out. Run it all through the gauntlet of this pointed set of questions – and watch everything become crystal clear. Not only that, but it also has massive potential to provoke you to action right away.


  1. Duplicate the entire “QUESTIONS” outline and rename it according to the area you’re going to tackle next (eg. Exercise).
  2. Zoom into each question (1-10) and outline as much or as little as you wish.
  3. Once you’re done with an area, drop it into the “AREAS” outline.

In addition to the WorkFlowy tips, you might want to try what I did: close the door of your office/ room, pace up and down while talking to yourself and hashing things out. Use as many hand gestures as you need… and take your time. Give yourself a good talking to as you reason things out. Because if you don’t – who else will?

The final thing I’ll leave you with is this: It’s not all about whipping yourself into shape so that you suddenly have the willpower to do so much more than you could before. The secret is in letting go of many of the unimportant things – which will free you up to do the most important things (and have a lot more leisure time). All of this is built into the questions.

Are you ready to recalibrate your life and ask the tough questions? Are you ready to strip aside the weights that hinder you and run this race with endurance?

One thought on “Dr. WorkFlowy Recalibrates Your Life – A Template for the Tough Questions

  1. Hello, it’s nice to have some tips here and there from the blog… But will there still be the new features claimed in the 2018 Roadmap (teams and collaborations improvements, dates and reminds…) ?


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