WorkFlowy 12 Days of Christmas (Year in Review)


*(This will enable us to build new features at a much faster pace, including Dates and Reminders, while keeping everything simple and elegant.)

Happy Holidays!

19 thoughts on “WorkFlowy 12 Days of Christmas (Year in Review)

  1. Genius!

    Thanks, guys. I absolutely love your product and couldn’t function as productively without it. Keep up the great work, you’ve created something really valuable.


      1. What if I want to use the mouse (and would like a more centred design)?
        Not everyone is a keyboard jockey all the time.

      2. Is there a shortcut to search the whole Workflowy instead of currently zoomed item?
        Or a shortcut to jump to the home page?

  2. I love WF for long time. I use it for many years now. The only thing annoys me now it a bug when you click on Starred on iPhone

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