First WorkFlowy Contest – Best Our Intro Video


Dear Creative Users of WorkFlowy,

The time has come to unleash your tremendous powers. You always dazzle us with your creative posts, ideas, extensions, and encouragement. We are continuously in awe of how talented and passionate this community is.

With that, we’d like to try the first in a series of creative contests.

Help us make a better Introduction-to-WorkFlowy video!

How do you show off WorkFlowy to your friends and family? How can you help people ‘get’ the unlimited potential of WorkFlowy right away? How can you have fun in the process?

Here’s our old one. It needs a lot of help.

We will be accepting your submissions until April 15.

We will upload your submissions to WorkFlowy YouTube and there will be a voting section in our Forums for you to vote for your favorite ones.

We will also select a Winner and use that video for all new users moving forward!

Grand Prize: 3 free years of WorkFlowy Pro
Runner Up: 1 free year of WorkFlowy Pro

Post your submissions on our Forum thread.



8 thoughts on “First WorkFlowy Contest – Best Our Intro Video

  1. What about a Full Width page toggle? Without the need to install a browser workaround…

    It’s awful when you open WF in a public computer, without any browser workaround (yes, I have to use the Full Width one on my personal computer), without any possibility to install the workaround, and with a high screen resolution and all you see is a narrow document with a huge useless space on both sides.

    I’m not a developer but this should be incredibly simple to implement, due to the fact that it’s pretty simple to download a browser extension and install. But please, please, don’t give me/us the last option as final. WF should do it natively. IMO.

    Thanks for listening!

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