New Feature: Easy Tagging in WorkFlowy Mobile

Tagging in WorkFlowy mobile just got a whole lot better. WorkFlowy’s iOS and Android apps now have shortcuts for adding #tags and @mentions that make them easy to use when adding content and searching.

We hear from a lot of people that the lack of quick tagging is one of the main things holding our mobile apps back, so we’re excited to announce it. I’ve already found it extremely useful, and I hope you do too.

May the flow be with you.

12 thoughts on “New Feature: Easy Tagging in WorkFlowy Mobile

    1. Is there an update available for this? I don’t see anything in the App Store

  1. Thank you, please add sharing from mobile device. That is what I need the most.


    Jennifer Febre MacLeod Ale Brewing Co.

  2. Finally much awaited feature is released, great to see team is now able to prioritize the user requests.

  3. Only minor difference with Desktop is that you have to hit return key to get the search results back on mobile. On desktop, you are able to search as you type. Any reason why this behavior is not part of this feature ? Would be updating this feature to include this behavior ?

  4. It rocks! I have been waiting for this feature as it was the only downside for me when using the app. The implementation is perfect and intuitive. Thank you!

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