Announcing Starred Pages


We are pleased to announce that we’re releasing a big new feature today: Starred Pages.

As your WorkFlowy account gets bigger, you’ll notice it becomes necessary to spend more and more time navigating around it using the zoom feature, or searching for stuff using the search box.

The starred pages feature eliminates this repetition. Whenever you have a particular page that you view often, just click the star in the top right to save it. You can navigate to any starred page at any time by clicking the starred page icon in the top bar (next to the search box) or with keyboard shortcuts.

Starred pages remember both where you’re zoomed (if you are) and what you’re searching for (if you’re searching for anything). So they act as save searches as well.

The video above demonstrates the feature and explains the controls. Try it out!


Workflowy replaces your notebooks, stickies and bloated apps with a simple, smooth digital notebook that makes it easy to get organized and be productive.

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16 Responses

  1. Hi guys, is there any chance that starred pages will make their way into the mobile apps? It seems like the simplest way to manage a big workflowy list when you’re on a small screen.

    1. Yeah, hopefully. We really need to bring mobile up to par with desktop in terms of features.

      1. Having the auto tag lookup as you type on the mobile iOS app would be the best new feature. It would save me a lot of time since I am using workflowy in the field a lot.

      2. Really hoping for starred pages on mobile at some point. Even autocomplete on tags would be helpful.

  2. One thing I noticed while learning keyboard shortcuts is that some of them (for example “switch between pages”) does not work for me, since I am on a Swedish keyboard layout.

    To get control+”;”, I need to press shift, and that does not trigger the shortcut.

    Same problem (but in reverse, maybe) with the “star” shortcut, since I need to shift to get a plain asterisk.

  3. The star/pages system is great — one of the main reason I’ve jumped on the workflowy bandwagon over other outliners.

    But I wonder: could we have more than one type of star?

    Because I, like many, use workflowy at home as well as at work, it would be great to be able to see just my home-related pages when I’m home and my work related pages at work (in the pages “drawer” or “dock” or whatever it’s called).

  4. For users with other keyboard layouts, look at a US keyboard layout too find the character. In Swedish, for example, the character “Ö” is where the US “;” is, so the shortcut for “Switch between pages” works with control + shift + ö (at least on a mac).

  5. I don’t use starred pages. I find it far simpler to use #s on any outline that is currently important to me. When it becomes unimportant I remove the tag.

    At the top of my outline I have a field of tags, and #s is one of the top ones. I find this faster and quicker to change than using the starred page. It also works fine on my iphone/ipad app.

  6. oh, please, please give us the starred feature on the app. Even as a pro user, I dont get this feature. It seems that paying for the Workflowy upgrade only gives benefits to desk top users, which I am not. I paid US 50 for nothing extra.

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