Meet Phil Twine, Workflowy’s new designer 🎨


August 24, 2021

We recently set out looking for a new designer, and I think we’ve found a real gem. His name is Phil Twine. You can look at his website if you like. Phil previously lead design teams at GSK and Future Platforms.

Phil is a great fit for Workflowy right now for because:

  • He’s a strong designer, and can contribute directly to the Workflowy product
  • He has experience leading design teams and embedding design process into organizations.

His ability to lead design teams is increasingly important because I’m trying to move away from actually doing stuff and enter the ethereal realm of pure thought and eating Cheetos all day. Jk jk jk, I’m lactose intolerant, it will have to be potato chips. Or, better yet, vegan cupcakes. There are some really good vegan cupcakes out there, trust me.

Okay, back to Phil.

Phil did the design work for colors in Workflowy, which is coming out any day now. We’re starting our next project right now.

We’ll be doing a lot more public design and feedback in the future, so you’ll see Phil posting rough mockups on this blog, popping up in the Workflowy User Group, and maybe even getting in touch with you personally to ask for feedback.

Anyway, welcome to the fold Phil! We’re excited to have you.

P.S. My apologies, I tried to add more emojis to the title but couldn’t find the right ones.

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2 years ago

Just need to add a proofreader now…” Phil is a great fit for Workflowy right now for because:…”

2 years ago

Hey Phil, I’ve been looking forward to you coming on board since reading Jesse’s description of his design and development philosophy. Come on over and join the WFUG Slack group so we can swap jokes.

Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker
2 years ago

Welcome Phil ! Looking forward to your input on the mobile apps in particular.

Dave in the American Midwest

Welcome! I look forward to tag colors no longer disappearing in shared outlines (request 46501). Thanks in advance 🙂

Frank Degenaar
2 years ago

Awesome to have Phil onboard!

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