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November 15, 2012

Yep, the rumors are true. You’ve been waiting for this longer than the next Game of Thrones book. The day is finally here: you can move stuff on WorkFlowy mobile.

I know, I know. You are probably crying with joy. You’re having trouble reading this through the tears. Puddles are welling up on your keyboard. You feel a surge of joy and universal love that makes you want to throw your hands toward the sky and scream, “WORLD, I LOVE YOU!!!”.

Well, enough of that. Get it together. You’re embarrassing everybody. Here’s how it works:

  1. Tap and hold an item.
  2. It will pop out
  3. Drag it up and down.
That’s it, enjoy.

P.S. Android users must use the Chrome browser if you want to move things in WorkFlowy. The regular Android browser is too crappy to make stuff like this work. In fact, if you want to be happier, more satisfied and better looking, we recommend you start using Chrome on Android as your default browser for everything.

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D p
D p
1 year ago

Amazing. 8 years later and this still doesn’t work……

1 year ago

I often try exactly this (tap, hold, drag) on my ios mobile but it seldom works. What’s the catch? Or is there a bug? Also color does not seem to work. Is there a list of things that the mobile app does not deliver? I am a paid subscriber.

2 years ago

Is this page still current i.e. there is no way to drag and drop in workflowy android? This is what came up when I search the topic in 2021.

Last edited 2 years ago by AOD
6 years ago

reporting a bug
off late, whenever I drag some node, the whole screen moves along, can’t drop to a new place
Chrome latest on Android latest (and also handyflowy)

Clarke Beaudry
Clarke Beaudry
8 years ago

This is great!

Looking forward to tab function.

Colin Roache
Colin Roache
9 years ago

Yes, I love workflowy, but I cannot convert friends and colleagues due to the iOS experience. It’s still simply too clunky to use effectively on the go. Please, work with a designer, improve the buttons, make the header pleasing, remove the silly gradients. Enlarge the hit rects in the list. I would love to have shared workflowy with my friends, but they are iOS developers and designers. They literally started laughing when I showed them the app after seeing the web experience.
I want to convert more people from Evernote!

John Rylander
John Rylander
9 years ago
Reply to  Colin Roache

Colin, you speak the truth. Workflowy on the PC is fast and compelling; on iOS, not so much. As more and more people become tablet-, phablet-, and phone-centric in their note taking and task management, a less-than-compelling iOS client is a serious liability.

The iOS Workflowy app is MUCH better than nothing, and is in fact a real accomplishment, but it doesn’t match the competition or the web client.

(It is indeed too bad that the web app can’t be made to work on iOS.)

Allan Grant
9 years ago

I LOVE WorkFlowy (paying subscriber too!) and glad to see that the mobile app is getting some love. My biggest pet peeve with the mobile experience, which makes it almost unusable, is that the web app doesn’t redirect you into the mobile app at the right place if you go to a workflowy link.

Quora does this well — when you click on an email with a link to quora, it will open your mobile app to that particular question. But if you do it with workflowy, you get sent to the web site which tells you go to to the mobile app, but the mobile app just gives you the root node. Makes it hard to use when you have thousands of nested nodes.

Is this coming soon?

Adrian Cecil Poon
9 years ago

You don’t know what this means to me!

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